Tricks to Keep Armpits Nice And Dry

The condition gets worse in hot and humid conditions wherein sweat doesn’t evaporate easily. Also, less air circulation in this area makes things difficult. Luckily it can be checked with some natural methods. Here is how you can curb the wet underarm menace.

  • Apple cider vinegar/ lime juice
    Just apply any one of the two mentioned above before you sleep. Rinse it in the morning when you take a shower.
  • Baking Soda
    Body odor is caused by bacteria which is present normally on our skin. Just sprinkle some baking soda to kill the odor causing bacteria. This will prevent wet underarm problem too.
  • Tomato Juice
    Eating some veggies can help you in fighting over sweating. A cup of fresh tomato juice every day can overcome the problem.
  • Water
    Hydration is important. With sweat, you lose a lot of water from the body. Drink plenty of it to replenish the loss. It lowers body temperature and you sweat less.
  • Aloe Vera
    Take a freshly cut aloe vera leaf. Cut it from the center and rub it with soft hands on the armpits. It cools down the area and thus reduces sweating. No sweating, no wetness.
  • Camphor
    This has got some astringent properties making it an apt remedy for that underarm sweating. Add some water to camphor to make a paste and apply it on the underarms.
  • Cornstarch
    Mix cornstarch and baking soda in 1:1 ratio. Pat it on your armpits. It works like a deodorant.

There are a few more things that you must remember while trying to curb the wet armpits issue.

Some Do’s, remove underarm hair growth with wax or razor. It will reduce sweating. Make use of antiperspirants and not deodorants to keep skin dry and feeling nice. You can also use baby powder. A well-balanced diet is necessary to reduce sweating. Sage tea is good. Drink it in the evening. Cold water shower is helpful. Avoid hot water showers. To avert sweating, it is important that you wear clothes that can breathe. Some of the skin-friendly fabrics include cotton.

Some don’ts, avoid stress. Sweat glands go on an overdrive due to stress and you sweat more. Caffeine present in teas and coffee activates sweat glands making them sweat more. Avoid them, if you suffer from excessive sweating. Don’t eat onions, garlic, broccoli, cabbage. These contain sulfur and contribute to body odor. Control emotions like anger and excitement. This too may cause over-sweating.