Make Up

Few Essential Bridal Makeup

There are a large number of makeup tips which can be used by a woman while getting ready for her wedding celebration. However, there are some which are immensely popular and must be adopted for sure while applying the bridal makeup. Proper application of some major cosmetics including concealer, eyeliners, lipstick, foundation cream, eyes shadow, etc. is extremely crucial for imparting that perfect bridal look. They can actually make or break your day completely, depending upon the way they are applied. If these important cosmetics are applied properly, they are bound to make the bride look extraordinarily beautiful and charming.

Read below to discover some amazing bridal makeup tips:

  • While choosing a foundation cream, make sure that it matches your skin tone properly. The foundation color should neither be too light or too bright or else you’ll fail to create the unprecedented magical charm. You can apply the cream on the skin of your arm to ensure that it matches up with your skin color.
  • Before applying the foundation, always clean your skin thoroughly with the help of a damp cloth or tissue.
  • Always apply the foundation with a gentle stroke and never rub it in too hard. This will ensure that the cream is applied evenly and smoothly over your skin.
  • If you have facial blemishes, pimples or dark spots, make use of a concealer for hiding it all.
  • Never apply too much of concealer on a single spot, as it might highlight the unwanted area.
  • Make use of a concealer which matches with the color of your foundation.
  • Opt for the eyeliner color that matches the color of your dress. For example, if your dress is light in color, opt for a light color of eyeliner.
  • Make use of liquid eyeliners for highlighting your beautiful eyes.
  • The color of your lipstick and lip gloss must always match with the color of your dress.