Make Up

Chic Makeup For Teens

  1. As a teenager you probably already have natural and extremely young looking beautiful skin. This gives you plenty of reason not to fret about whether you should wear heavy makeup as young skin calls for natural and light makeup. In fact, your make up should be subtle so much that your fellow teens don’t even realize you are wearing makeup at all. Make sure your makeup matches your skin tone as much as possible.
  2. The most essential makeup item for any teen would be a concealer. Surely the teenage years are taking a toll on you with acne, dark circles, pimple marks and much more. With a concealer you can cover up everything within a few minutes. Make sure the concealer is light enough to match the tone of your skin but dark enough to cover up.
  3. The next step is to dust on some face powder. Do not overdo! The best teen tip is to pat on the powder very sparingly so that it doesn’t seem as if you have caked on the powder. Foundation should come onto the face before the powder. Ideally the best choice of foundation would be one with an SPFT of at least 15 or higher. This will help your skin combat the sun’s rays too.
  4. You should start off your eye make up from the eyebrows. Using an old toothbrush, brush your eyebrows gently into place. Pluck any stray hairs that you may have. If there seem to be gaps here and there in your eyebrows, fill them with a soft eye pencil – usually this step is not very necessary for teens! Go with a thin line of eyeliner on the eye lid just above the eye lashes; blend after you have applied. You can apply a tad bit on the lower eye too but remember that overdoing this can make you look like a raccoon. Add on a few sweeps of black or brown mascara.
  5. A light blush can make a big difference to a cute teen face. Blend it well and sweep from the cheeks to your hairline to give your face a bit of a contour. Depending on the color tone of the skin, light or dark shades can be chosen.
  6. Lips are the last to be made up. Finish off your make up with a light, clear lip-gloss to keep your lips moist and shiny all through the day or night.