Benefits of Skin Camouflage

Maybe you are sick of wasting your time and money trialling products that don’t work. Maybe you’ve given up hope. But have you tried skin camouflage? Skin camouflage is still relatively unheard of despite it having been around for nearly 100 years. Where normal cosmetics have failed to deliver, leaving you either caked in makeup or drawing more attention to your visual imperfection, skin camouflage is different. Skin camouflage are highly concentrated pigmented creams and powders, specifically designed to cover everything from skin disorders like rosacea, psoriasis, acne and vitiligo; to scars, burns, birthmarks and even tattoos.

They work on the basis of applying thin layers to build coverage, so light you hardly notice that you have anything on your skin at all. They are extremely long lasting, up to 12 hours on the face and 2-3 days on the body, without the need for reapplication. They are also waterproof and smudge proof too, so you can shower and engage in sporting activities like swimming, without the worry that your underlying skin concern will be revealed. They have SPF, which is crucial where delicate, fragile skin is concerned, but additional sun protection can be applied under or over the camouflage crème as required. Topical medication can also be applied prior to camouflage application.

Although some people like to wear skin camouflage on its own, cosmetic makeup can be applied over the set camouflage crème, leaving you free to create your own look. Once a person has been taught how to apply the skin camouflage and the correct colour and product has been ascertained, with practice it can become a quick and easy part of your daily beauty routine. Leaving you with time to spend on more important things than skincare routines, which only minimise the problem not solve it.

Skin camouflage is so natural and discreet, that it can be worn by both men and women of all ages. Where there is a psychological or medical need for skin camouflage, products can be obtained on NHS prescription at your GP’s discretion. But where this is not possible they can also be purchased directly from reputable suppliers.

Why do I need a consultation when I can just buy off the internet you may ask? By booking a consultation with a professional skin camouflage practitioner, they will be able to provide you with a personalized colour match, and find the perfect product for your skin condition and skin tone. There are many different colours and products available on the market, which can become confusing and frustrating for someone inexperienced in skin camouflage. Some are softer or more liquid than others, some give a denser coverage; some slip more easily over scarring and some last longer in humidity than others. A professional skin camouflage practitioner can help you decide which brand best suits your skin condition and lifestyle, thus saving you time and money.