Acne and Makeup

The weapons in your toolbox should be a concealer, a foundation and a finishing powder. Do not make the error of thinking that discount products will do the same job as quality brand name products.

Choose makeup that does not contain oil because you do not want to add extra oil to your skin. Water-based products help ensure your acne will not be worsened by the makeup you use. Select products that are dermatologist tests or indicate the makeup is good for sensitive skin, another good sign that it will not worsen your acne.

Choose makeup products that match your personal skin tone very closely. And be sure to read the entire label. Some product labeling can be quite difficult to understand and oil can be hidden under other names.

It is a good idea to test any new makeup products before using a product to cover your face. This must be done to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction on top of your acne problems. Simply dab a little of the makeup product underneath the edge of the jaw bone and see how your skin reacts. There should be no itching, scaling, redness, bumps, or other signs of irritation; once you are sure your skin will react well to the product, you can begin using it to cover acne.

Start with a Clean Face

Always ash your face with acne fighting facial cleansers before applying any type of makeup. Apply any topical acne medication you normally use as well and allow it to completely dry. Only then are you ready to open your tool box.

Concealer First

It is important to apply concealer correctly. Do this by using light dabs placed directly on the blemishes or blotches. Blend the product to match your skin tone so that acne blemishes are hidden. Do not use large quantities; a little goes a long way!


Apply foundation in a shade that most closely matches your skin tone by using only a small amount of the product, applied in a light dabbing motion. Blend using a sponge rather than your fingers. Always use a fresh disposable sponge to avoid irritating acne blemishes.

Finishing Touches

Last, but not least, apply a dusting of oil-free facial powder. A really big cosmetic brush is best for this job. This will keep skin from shining and provide a finished look to your face.

Now you are ready to step out with your best face!

Bed Time

Once your day is done, wash your face to remove all makeup before retiring. Your skin wants to enjoy airing and acne blemishes need the air to heal more quickly.

By following these recommendations daily, and using a good acne treatment, you will have a fresh face. Your acne will be concealed by makeup while you treat the problem. Soon, you will have clear skin and beautiful complexion.