Make Up

Ways To Have Pouty Lips

First of all, for your rim, you should use some concealer. You will get better results should you go for a quality brush. Next, you need a lip liner that you will use to line your not-so-beautiful lips. Of course, you want to make your rims fuller, and for this, the liner has to be applied beyond the rims; however, make sure you don’t end up overdoing it.

Do you have the matte lipstick? If not, you should get one and use it. Afterwards, you should apply some moisturizing lipstick. Lastly, what you need to use is the lip-gloss.

For an ideal look, we suggest that you use a lip-gloss of natural color on your bow of cupid. Besides, the lip-gloss can also be applied in the middle of your lower lips. Lastly, you need to use the brush for blending in the lip-gloss. That’s it. Your lips will be much more attractive.

Are there any other ways to have amazingly full rims? Yes, you can get attractive rims by following the methods given below:

Natural lip plumper

You can go for a variety of products; however, the ideal products that you can use include lip balm and peppermint oil. You can mix up the two and use the paste on your rims. Remember: your lips might swell up and you might feel a tingling sensation for a few minutes. Therefore, it is suggested that you use the paste sparingly.

Honey is another ideal natural plumper. Honey will moisturize your rims making them appear shiny and smooth.


How can you exfoliate your lips? Well, again, you can use a number of ways. But if you are going to use a brush, just make sure you use a toothbrush in a circular motion. This will enhance the blood circulation in your lips making them look fuller.

Aside from using a brush, you can go for a lip scrub. All you have to do is create a mixture of olive oil and sugar in a small bowl. Once the paste is ready, you should massage it on your lips gently in a circular motion. Do it for 15 minutes.

So, this is a simple guide that you can use for makeup and color cosmetics. For further assistance, you can get in touch with a professional. They can guide you in the best way possible. If you are going to do your own makeup, just make sure you know the basics. Using unsafe methods can do more harm than good. If you are a novice, doing some research beforehand is a must. Hope this helps.