Top German beauty brands

Germany is known for making top-quality brands, from German cars to their stainless-steel pots and cookery sets, beers, and many others.  When it comes to beauty brands, Germany isn’t also left out. The country is home to some of the oldest beauty creams globally, such as the Nivea Crème, founded in 1911 and which has grown to become a staple brand internationally. Over a century later, after its launch, Nivea Crème brands are still greatly influential. Statistics suggest that the beauty sector in Germany as of 2019 was valued at €17. This alone exemplifies how reputable German beauty brands are. Certain principles can be attributed to German brands’ high standing reputation, including efficiency, transparency, and the fact that they are natural. With Germany offering so many beauty brands, it can be hard to choose which to go for and which to leave. You can visit review sites such as to see how previous clients have reviewed the brands and choose reputable ones.  Dietary supplements will also help offer your body the needed nutrients, which, when coupled with beauty brands, will help enhance your look. You can always source your supplements at Garden Of Life. Some of the top German beauty brands are discussed in this article.

Art Deco

Normally regarded as the country’s most renowned non-drugstore cosmetic brands, it is popular, especially among middle-class women. The company has a beauty box, which typically consists of an empty case for a blush or a shadow, which permits clients to select the shade that they need. There are quite various shades to select from with a single shade going for about €6 and a case with a space that will accommodate four going for €10.


This is a health and beauty brand that helps one attain flawless skin. It has a holistic program that mainly aims at both your soul and body. This brand is divided into two the A4 Nutricosmetics, which is an innovative beauty drinks and the A4 cosmetics for luxurious skincare. The two can be simultaneously utilised to focus on the natural renewal and stimulation of the skin externally and internally.


Zoeva is a brand you can’t afford to leave out when it comes to German make-up brands. The brand test all their products to ensure that they are safe and makes vegan-friendly products from completely natural ingredients. The brand offers various sizes. Zoeva products will specifically suit frequent travellers who prefer compatible creams and brushes.

Sans Soucis

Sans Soucis is a beauty brand that focuses on hydrating the skin. Specifically, the brand has a Moisture Deep Moist Depot Glow and Wake up cream together with a facemask that offers lots of hydration and antioxidants. In addition, the brand’s products are sized such that they can fit in a wallet or bag to be used even when one is on the go.


Weleda can be described as nature’s pharmacy. The brand is divided into family, health and Beauty section. By buying Weleda range of products, you are assured that you are buying non-carcinogenic products. The brand classifies its products under various categories, including a section for children, women and men to ensure clients can easily locate the product they are purchasing.


This is a range of designer skincare products. The brand has serum products that suit each person’s skin needs. Some of the brand’s products include CEO Serum, Eye Serum, 24 hours Anti-Aging Amino Lifting BH3 serum, among other products. The products permit a person to apply care and nutrition to their skin to keep their skin safe all day long. It specifically suits those with sensitive skin.

Dr Hauschka

If you have skin that has been a victim of breakouts and harsh weather, then you Dr Hauschka 28-day cure is your perfect option. It helps rejuvenate and strengthen your skin in no time. The brand also makes Medicare, personal hygiene, cosmetics and make-up products.

Farina 1709

Farina 1709 is one of the oldest cosmetic brands globally. The brands chief product is the original cologne, which is the one that all others were named after. Though today the product is used mainly for its scent, clients purchased eau de cologne in early times to protect themselves against plague and other types of illnesses. The products are made from traditional ingredients such as ambergris and bergamot, which makes them have a significantly better scent.


Lavera is a perfect choice if you are looking for toiletries in Germany. They offer a wide range of products from lotions, sunscreen, deodorants, hair products and make-up. It will perfectly suit those with sensitive skin.

In conclusion, if you are looking for top beauty German brands, this article has the answers.