Top German beauty brands

Germany is known for making top-quality brands, from German cars to their stainless-steel pots and cookery sets, beers, and many others.  When it comes to beauty brands, Germany isn’t also left out. The country is home to some of the oldest beauty creams globally, such as the Nivea Crème, founded in 1911 and which has grown to become a staple brand internationally. Over a century later, after its launch, Nivea Crème brands are still greatly influential. Statistics suggest that the beauty sector in Germany as of 2019 was valued at €17. This alone exemplifies how reputable German beauty brands are. Certain principles can be attributed to German brands’ high standing reputation, including efficiency, transparency, and the fact that they are natural. With Germany offering so many beauty brands, it can be hard to choose which to go for and which to leave. You can visit review sites such as reviewsbird.deRead the rest

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