Thinning Nails Prevention

Then the technician proceeded to groom my nails by filing and shaping them into my desired shape which was oval, but you can get them shaped either square or round. Next, before applying Shellac, she applied olive oil around my nail bed to soften the dry areas around the cuticle. Next, by using a sharp, sterile cuticle nipper, the dead skin was finally removed painlessly and quickly. She didn’t forget to clean underneath and on the top areas of my nails lightly with a nailbrush dipped into the soapy water bowl. Remember to repeat the same process on the other hand along with a good buff and shine.

The next step the nail technician did to my hands after grabbing a dab of lotion, she proceeded to gently give my hands a nice massage that started from the fingertips on up to the wrist area. This feels very soothing and … Read the rest

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