Do German Girls Have A Specific Makeup Taste?

Natural beauty businesses and a comprehensive, noninvasive approach to beauty are heavily promoted in Germany. Even dermatologists and other professionals are hesitant about prescribing medications in this country, and residents are wary of anything new. Germans never stop drinking water; students always take large water bottles and refill them in the restrooms.

When you have a headache or a fever, water is recommended as a treatment. So, if you are going to Germany for the first time, you have to be mindful of your makeup not to get weird stares from the locals. It would help if you went through to know what other women have to say.

However, German women are beginning to try out new makeup styles. Eighty-five per cent of teens and young adults claim they use cosmetics to boost their self-esteem. As an international student in Germany, it will help if you learn German makeup … Read the rest

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