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Beautify Your Eyelashes

For Grown Lashes

To have beautiful eyelashes, they must be healthy in the first place. What you need to do is moisturize your lashes constantly, as they need the moisture just like your hair. Use vaseline to hydrate them. You can also use castor oil or almond oil.

If your eyelashes don’t seem to grow good enough, then you can rely on growth enhancers. They are rich in vitamins that extend the growth phase of the eyelashes.

For Strong Lashes

Your eyelashes are all grown now. What do you do to keep them strong? Here are some eyelashes tips. First of all, clean them well. Before you go to sleep every night, wash your lashes and remove any residue of mascara. They need to feel fresh and soft. Never sleep with your mascara on, as it triggers them to fall off constantly. Second, avoid rubbing your lashes with your hand, as this can pull and break them. If you feel they are itchy, pat them gently. Third, avoid using the eyelash curler frequently, as it also makes them weak and allows them to fall.

For Beautiful Lashes

It is true that false eyelashes make your eyes look gorgeous, however, they do your lashes much harm. Avoid using them often, and save them for big events. If you rely on false eyelashes, make sure you visit a specialist, as wrong application causes your natural lashes to be removed along with them. Rely on good mascara for beautiful eyelashes. It makes them look long and thick. Choose your mascara wisely, as in pick a mascara that is rich in vitamins that enhance the growth of the lashes at the same time.

Always remember that your eyelashes need much attention, and they are not to be taken for granted. Take care of them constantly and you’ll notice how prettier your eyes will be. Share with us how you make your eyelashes grow more beautiful.

Choosing False Eyelashes

Consider the shape of your eyes.

The long and thin false eyelashes which fan upwards are ideal for women with round eyes. The voluminous models should be avoided as they may make the eyes appear too big. If you have hooded eyes with a fold of skin covering the socket lines, you should consider models with medium to long length especially in the centre. This kind of style trends to open up the eyes and to make them appear bigger.

The almond shaped eyes are the most commonly found. If you have this eye shape, you are truly lucky since all types of false lashes will look fabulous on you. If you want to produce a more dramatic effect, you should consider models which are longer on the ends and especially on the outer end. Generally, it is a good idea for you to experiment.

The monolid eyes have no visible fold in the socket line. They have one continuous lid area and this makes them very specific. The curled models and especially the ones which are longer on the outer end are always an excellent choice.

Pay attention to the setting of your eyes too.

If the distance between your eyes is smaller than your eye width, then you have close-set eyes. In this case, you would want to get false eyelashes which are thicker and longer on the outer edge. The idea is to give more volume to the outer edge so that the eyes look further apart.

If you have close-set eyes, you should attempt to make them look closer together. This is achieved with false lashes which have big volume and which are longer in the centre. You should avoid experimenting with other models.

If your eyes are deeply set into their sockets, then you should consider models with greater length in the middle. They work to bring the eyes forward. They will certainly give you the gorgeous look which you want to achieve.

Ensure that you will enjoy comfort.

The false eyelashes are made from materials which do not irritate the skin. The items made from nylon are considered to be the most comfortable to wear as they are light and easy to put on. Cotton is slightly heavier, but equally comfortable material.

You must clean your false lashes after each use and preferably before use as well. You simply need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This will ensure perfect comfort and eliminate the risk of irritation and other eye problems.

Finally, you should always buy false eyelashes from reputable brands in the industry. That way, you will get the perfect look and feel in the long term as well as in the short one.