Benefits Using Botox Treatment


Many people are forced to undergo some of the skin treatment procedures that seem to be dangerous to their health. The usage of lasers and surgeries to reconstruct wrinkled skin is riskier and it should be avoided. This makes botulinum the most preferable and safest way to get rid of wrinkles. The botulinum toxin is injected into the infected parts of the skin. Thus, the skin remains intact.

Probability of success

The probability of success in removal of the wrinkles is very high when using botulinum toxin. This injection has been used for more than thirty years. Both its users and the dermatologists are impressed with its quick results and reliability. The countless testimonies of the effectualness of this treatment assure of you of complete eradication of the saggy skin.

Facial muscles

For a long time, the botolinum toxin was always used in strengthening the facial muscles. Before being … Read the rest

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Botox Actually Works

The acetylcholine blockade is irreversible and starts within two days. The clinical effects of the injection become noticeable between 5 to 10 days. Over the three to 6 month period, the muscle gradually develops new receptor sites and can contract again.

If the area to be injected is small, it may be necessary to send quick electric impulses to ensure the appropriate muscles are receiving the injection. The cosmetic doctor uses a very fine needle to carry out this procedure. Some patients experience minor or temporary discomfort during the session. The injected medication does not cause any irritation once the treatment is complete.

Botulinum toxin’s main goal is to smooth out the lines and wrinkles of the aging face. As people get older and lose the elasticity in their skin, permanent lines form around their mouths, eyes, and chin. These wrinkles are even more noticeable when you smile. Botox does … Read the rest

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