Scandinavian Skincare Secrets

Have you ever wondered why Scandinavian women have such beautiful, healthy skin and hair?

Do you want to know their secret as to how they get their skin looking so healthy and clear, and their hair so luscious and glamorous? Here’s a tip: it is in the vitamins they ingest and the skincare products they use.

Scandinavian women are firm believers that what you eat can influence your skin, hair and nails, with the right vitamins and minerals fighting the effects of sun exposure and ageing, as well as the ingredients in their skincare products. When choosing skincare products, women in Denmark opt for natural ingredients and choose skin care brands that have an excellent review rate on websites like Daneskeanmelderser, a Danish review site with thousands of companies reviewed daily.

Skincare products have grown over the years, from using harsh chemicals that would damage your skin, to using … Read the rest

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