Soothing Sensitive Skin

Avoid using chemicals

Synthetic skin products contain many harsh chemicals that can cause your skin to dry. These products are then subjected to a process, known as ethoxylation, which can reduce the hardness of the chemicals. In turn, 1, 4-Dioxane is produced, a known cause of cancer. The best substitute to all these chemicals is to use products which contain natural ingredients and are less likely to be toxic.

Stay clear of products containing fragrance

Any skin product which contains fragrance should be avoided if you have sensitive skin. Even if the fragrance is natural, your skin may develop an allergic reaction against it. The same can also be said for essential oils.

Use neutral, fragrance-free cleansers and toners

Commercial cleansers and toners are alkaline based and will make your sensitive skin drier and more irritated. As such, you should use a cleanser that does not contain any strong chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate or any fragrances. As for the toner, go for one that has no drying alcohol in it. After all, the less dry your skin is, the younger it appears.

Apply only a few products on your skin with the fewest ingredients

When you use more products with more ingredients, it just means you are applying a lot of substances to your skin. Should an irritation or allergic reaction develop, it will be difficult to figure out the exact ingredient which is causing the condition. As such, stick to certain products only which do not contain many ingredients.

Do not use colors or dyes

Colors and dyes may contain tar, which is toxic in nature. Any products which contain these must not be used.

Apply soothing substances to your skin

Soothing substances make your skin less dry and decrease the symptoms associated with skin conditions. These include almond oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, and shea butter. You can also use calendula or chamomile for the same purpose. Hyaluronic acid is also a great choice because it softens and moisturizes your skin.