Pros of Having Long Hair

Face shape

Long hair has the ability to fit virtually any face shape and can easily cover flaws. It looks great with a heart-shaped face while useful for concealing the hard edges of a square or angular face to give a rounder appearance. Plus, it is useful for giving a leaner and longer look to the round race. A good haircut is also able to cover marks, or blemishes on the face if styled in the most favorable way.


It doesn’t need a daily wash and less likely to get very oily compared to short hair. Even though the natural oils are still noticed by those that leave their hair to grow, it is less noticeable over a period of time, which makes it possible to wash two or three times per week.


Leaving the hair to grow is great for the cold weather of winter because it is useful for keeping the shoulders and scalp warm. By letting the hair down, it can act much like a scarf to keep you warm and protect against the cold breeze of winter. Plus, for the warmer months of the year, the hair can easily be tied up into a sporty ponytail or stylish bun.


Leaving the hair to grow means fewer costly trips to the salon. A preferred schedule for cutting the hair is usually in the region of every three or four months.


Long hair is easily brightened or styled with a variety of different fashionable items. Some of the most popular choices include chopsticks, rubber bands, headbands, headgear, and hair clips.