Plasma Facelift

What do the words “plasma” and “vampire” have to do with a facelift you may be asking yourself? The procedure is performed using the patient’s own blood, hence the word “vampire.” Since platelet-rich plasma of the blood is what is used, it has also been called the “plasma” facelift. The cells are injected under the skin in order to fill and plump the tissues that are not quite as taut as they once were.

The plasma facelift is a procedure that is done in the office of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic surgery centers all around the country. Blood is extracted from your arm first. Once there is enough blood, it is put into a centrifuge that separates the platelets. The plasma is then injected under the skin with a very fine needle. The injections are put into areas of your face that need restoration or filling in order to fill and plump the tissues that are not quite as tight as they once were. This helps create a smooth, plump, round appearance.

There are many reasons why you would choose this procedure over a traditional facelift or other options. Immediately, you will notice improved skin tone, clarity, and volume. If that is not enough, the injections do not cause bruising. A thin, watery fluid is put into the tissues and that minimizes bruises and pain. Compared to many other cosmetic procedures, the pain is quite minimal. Not only that, but there are no other side effects and no down time.

Another advantage is it is much more affordable than surgery. When you choose this procedure, there is no allergy testing required since it is your own blood that is being used to enhance your features. If there are other facial rejuvenation procedures you want, this can be combined with them.

No, this FDA approved procedure is not too good to be true. It is great for wrinkles and lines that have been brought on by natural aging. While a vampire facelift is not the answer to all types of wrinkles, it can help with many kinds, including thin areas in your face that have delicate lines.

While it may sound like new technology, doctors have been using patient’s plasma to help for many years. These powerful cells have been helpful in healing soft tissue after a plastic surgery and following spinal injuries as an aid in healing bone.

Are you ready to see a younger face looking back at you in the mirror? If so, talk with your doctor about the procedure that can turn back the hands of time.