Make Up

Optimum Eyeshadow Color and Style

Follow the latest makeup trends, without going to extremes.

One top makeup trend has been introducing variations of a color referred to as “flame orange” by Gucci and Hermes, among other designers. Everyone can wear orange eyeshadow; the question is, which shade? In order to pick the right one, eye color is the primary deciding factor, as well as skin tone color. For you lucky ladies with blue eyes, this is a perfect complementary color for you, so you can experiment with all shades of orange and easily pull them off. Women with green eyes also do well with many varieties of orange, and brown eyed beauties can also enjoy some shades of this color.

Orange eyeshadow is a sharply contrasting color, so it should counterbalance your skin tone. The darker your skin color is, the more vibrant shades of orange you can pull off. This rule of thumb also applies to those with olive or an underlying yellow tone in their skin. The more reddish-orange that your skin tone is, the darker of a combination between brown and orange eyeshadow you should select for contrast; very dark copper shades are a nice choice in this case. Women with delicate, pink to pale shades of skin look best in light cream and peachy pastel oranges with more yellow tones, as any bit of color will stand out on their complexion. For all women it is crucial that you do not however, wear an orange tone of eyeshadow and an orange tone of lipstick simultaneously, as it will kill your look. When applying any bright shade of eyeshadow that you want to make an impact, keep it very light at the top inner corner of the eye and blend it out more thickly on the top outside edges of the eyelid.

Classic looks never go out of style.

Last fall we saw the comeback of the natural, nude look in makeup, but honestly, the natural look is timeless. If you want to invest in makeup that will always be in style, keep a selection of neutral shades of eyeshadow that generally look great on everyone such as light browns, beiges, and smokey shades of grey. The general guideline here is to make your eyelashes look thicker by putting a dark eyeshadow more around the outside corners of your eyelid, and blending it very well across the eyelid.

Less is often more when it comes to eyeshadow.

Many makeup artists will take just a little bit of a bright contrasting color and apply it more on the outer upper areas of the eyelids, blending it in well with darker shades of eyeshadow that line the eye. For brown eyed ladies, metallic shades of blue, green, and pink make optimum contrast colors. For blue eyed women try shades of orange or brown for your eyeshadow highlights. Green eyed women are advised to use contrasting shades of gold, blue, and purple in order to make their eyes shine.