Make Up

Making Your Face Look Slimmer

Creating a shadow under your chin and jaw line can give the rest of your face definition and a slimmer appearance. Professional photographers commonly use a shadow to define certain facial features and to hide features that are not so appealing. Makeup works pretty much the same way in that if you have a double chin or undefined jaw line, creating a shadow will make your double chin seem to disappear and your jaw line to look more prominent.

You may think that blush is only to be used on your cheeks, but you can also enhance your jaw line by creating a shadow with a light dusting of blush just below your jaw and underneath your chin. This technique, by itself, will make your face look thinner. It is important to note that you should blend the blush in well and not apply any blush to your neck area. Cream blush works much better than powder blush, but either will do the trick.

If you’d like to make your face appear thinner but don’t have any blush on hand, then use lipstick instead. You need only apply a hint of lipstick under your jaw to create a shadowed look that minimizes the shape of your face.

Your face will also look thinner and less puffy if you get enough sleep each night. In order to avoid a bloated appearance, you should try to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Also, you can slim your face down by consuming plenty of water each day. This can flush out all of the bad toxins from your body and help to reduce any facial puffiness that you may notice.

Another useful tip for slimming your face is to shape your eyebrows so that they are neat and natural in appearance. If you have a full, round face, then grooming your eyebrows properly will help to balance your face out and make it appear thinner. Eyebrows that are either too heavy and bushy or plucked out and drawn on with liner pencil only serve to emphasize the natural roundness of your face.