Make Up

Makeup For Traveling

Pack Small and Pack Light

The current federal airline regulations say you can take only one personal bag with you on the plan, and you can have liquids as long as they’re in a clear quart-sized Ziploc bag. That super-size bottle of hairspray that you love isn’t going to make it onto the plane – anything over 3.4 ounces will get taken away from you.

So if you really want to take anything bigger than this, you’ll have to carry it in your suitcase, which really messes things up. You’ll have to wait until you claim your luggage after you land before you can get to your hair products and fix your hair and makeup. A Little Prelude

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Any solid items you’re taking on your trip can be kept in your purse. This includes items like your face powder, blush and lipstick. For your liquid makeup and perfume, use travel-sized bottles. But a word of caution: don’t wear perfume while you’re on the plane.

Simplicity Is Key

Travel gives you a great opportunity to wear less makeup than you usually would. All you need is some blush, a good lip gloss, and 2-3 coats of mascara. You can wash your hair as you usually do, just keep the style simple. You don’t need to worry about curling or teasing for effect. Hairstyles usually are wrecked by the thinner atmosphere anyway. Just let your hair flow free, or if you want to add some interest, add a colorful scarf.

The only allowance airlines will make for the liquid rule is for those who have a medical condition. And since concealer is hardly a medical necessity (at least we don’t think it is), you’ll just have to wait until you land to get to your beauty supplies. Shaded glasses always look attractive and give you cleaner, well put-together look; you can also wear bright earrings to add a touch of color. In no time at all your plane will be landing and when it does, you’ll look amazing.