Make Up

Makeup For Pale Skin

I would recommend that if your foundation doesn’t contain a good amount of SPF that you always apply sunscreen on a daily basis as part of your beauty routine and, before your foundation to aid you in slowing the aging process.

A yellow or beige tint to your base should be enough to minimize the slight redness from your skin if you are prone to acne or if you’ve been exposed to the elements for too long. It will give you a little warmth to your skin tone. Make sure the color match is perfect, because if your base is too dark, you will look like you are wearing a mask. Use your foundation to even out your skin tone preparing it for the artwork to come next.

Go easy using bright colors on your eyes, as on pale skin they tend to be a bit too much. Try soft pastels, sheer shimmers and natural hues with warm undertones. A little mascara is good too. If your iris is pale then you may need to wear a taupe liner to frame your eyes. Groom your eyebrows and line with a blonde brow powder or smudged pencil. Cheek color is where you can bring a little more than the usual natural glow into your coloring. You need richer tones like sheer plum cheek tints and go for a deeper shade of lipstick. This will contrast nicely with brown or red hair. Experiment with brown-reds or berry shades and for a more dramatic evening look a go for true reds.

Coral shades are emerging. I love using a gingery sheer eye gloss, lashings of dark brown mascara, lots of warm cheek tint on the apples of my cheeks. I add a hint of shimmer across the top to bring the eyes out. I might use nude glossy lips for something a little funkier and it looks divine on translucent fair skin. I’m a redhead myself but you may have to alternate tones depending on your coloring and hair color.