Make Up

Makeup For Mature Skin

Moisturiser and primer

Number one in our tips for mature skin is to invest in a good moisturiser and eye/lip cream that have been designed for more mature skin. Other products that can be of great benefit when applying makeup to a more mature skin include light-diffusing face and eye primers. These will soften the look of your skin and give it a subtle glow. You may also wish to invest in a skin serum, designed to instill vitamins and nutrients into your skin. Skin serums can be used underneath moisturisers or as a overnight treatment along with night cream.

As with all new skincare products, go along to the skincare department at your appropriate store and ask for advice and samples in order to find products that suit you. When you have found items that you are happy with, use them before applying foundations, highlighters or concealers.

Foundations, concealers and highlighters

Go for a moisturising, light-reflecting cream or mousse foundation to achieve a flawless finish – or, if you do not usually wear foundation, try a tinted moisturiser. Moisturising products like these won’t ‘sit’ into wrinkles and are therefore far more flattering. Less is more, so use a light application and address imperfections with a light-diffusing highlighter brush-tip concealer (for dark circles) or a slightly thicker sponge tip concealer (for age spots, veins or any other reddening or blemish).


Never over-pluck your eyebrows. Instead, fill out any thinner areas with a soft eyebrow pencil using light strokes. Ensure that your eyebrow pencil is the same shade or one shade lighter than your brow color. Prior to shadow use your light diffusing eyelid primer to soften the appearance of wrinkles. Stick to cream eye shadows, in natural shades – plums, peaches, taupes and soft browns are great hues to try – see what suits you best. Eye pencil should be used sparingly, in similar tones. Stay away from shimmery eye makeup.
Apply two thin coats of mascara to the upper eyelids only; this will open up the eye.


Use a small amount of cream blush on the apple of the cheek, in a pink or peachy hue to complement your skin colour.


Avoid strong, dark colours and go for pinks, peaches and berry shades – avoiding lip liners. Prior to lipstick apply a sweep of moisturising balm or lip cream, then add your color and finish with a little gloss or a slick of Vaseline.