Make Up

Make Your Eyes Bold and Dramatic

First, pray to God to help you in your new venture of developing a better appearance.  Putting God first in everything you do will make anything go smoother.  Applying eye makeup may seem small, but God is God, and He cares about our needs as well as our wants regardless of how big or small.

Next, you will need to find the perfect eyeshadow colors for your eye color.  If you have blue eyes, you need to get different shades of browns.  If your eyes are green, you will need various shades of rusty browns, plum, and brownish red colors.  If you have brown eyes, get all shades of purples, deep blues, and violets.  For hazel colored eyes, get different shades of gold, greens, turquoises, browns, and pinks.  Hazel colored eyes are accented with almost any color on the spectrum.  Matching your eye color with the correct color of eye shadows will make your eyes pop dramatically.

Then, take your deepest darkest shade and put it all over your top eyelid.  Next, put your medium shade above your lid to the brow bone.  Lastly, put the lightest shade directly under your brows.  Your lightest shade should be a little bit lighter than your skin color.  Make sure to blend each color into each other.  Blending gives you that nice polished look.  You would also put your deepest shade, the same one applied to your top eyelid, on your bottom lid.  Treat your eyeshadow applicator as if it is an eyeliner pencil.  You would also put your lightest shade, which was applied under your eyebrows, in the inner corners of the bottom lid.  Remember to treat the applicator like an eyeliner pencil.

Your next step would be to get a black eyeliner pencil and draw a line over the lashes of the top lid.  Blend the line you just drew in with the eyeshadow to create a more natural look.  Then, draw a very thin line on the bottom lids.  Next, get a mascara that lengthens and thickens lashes and apply two to three coats of it onto the eyelashes.  Once one coat dries, apply the next coat of mascara. Your last step would be to brush your nicely trimmed eyebrows and fill in any places that needs to be filled in with an eyebrow pencil.

Now, look in the mirror and you should see eyes made of gold.  Your eyes should dramatically stand out and all the blended colors should give your face a wow factor.  Once you get the hang of it, it will become fairly easy to apply your eye makeup.  Now you are ready to turn some heads.