Jojoba Oil Benefits

An additive already found in a number of commercially manufactured and sold beauty products, it is classed as a fungicide, which means the beneficial properties are not just great for your body, but for the beauty product itself, keeping mould and mildew under control.

Not just that but when you use the oil on your feet, the jojoba oil benefits will include keeping control of various foot-hygiene and health problems such as athlete’s foot, warts, fungal infections in the toenails, and more.

Offering a massive range of nutrients and vitamins, all of which are vital for keeping your skin and hair healthy, it’s certainly giving other beneficial, all-natural oils a run for their money, with this becoming just as popular as coconut oil in cosmetics and beauty products.

With complex B-vitamins as well as vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, chromium, and iodine, you can help to replace moisture in both your hair and skin, as well as helping to improve the texture. You need a healthy dose of vitamin B regularly, making jojoba oil great to use on your face every day, as your body can’t actually store much of a reserve. This vitamin has also been shown to give massive improvements with specialist skin conditions too, and eczema seems to be one of the complaints it is best used for.

We know that vitamin E is great for our skin as it’s already plastered over many of the cosmetics and beauty products you buy today. It helps to encourage the growth of new skin cells, replacing old, dead and damaged cells, and has shown to be particularly helpful used for sunburn, and tight, or irritated skin.

Vitamin E has been shown to fight a serious battle against the signs of ageing too, adding anti-ageing properties to the many jojoba oil benefits, and when combined with the imitation tricks this oil has to offer, is easily absorbed into the body to make results appear much faster.

Jojoba is known to mimic naturally-produced sebum on our skin, and this encourages the pores to open, allowing the larger, vitamin E compounds right in after it. They then work together, with the many other skin-boosting jojoba oil benefits to cleanse or ‘flush out’ the pores, giving them a really good clean, right from the inside out.

If you were to use vitamin E on its own, such as straight out of a vitamin E capsule, your pores WOULD become clogged up, but the vitamin E offered by the jojoba oil doesn’t have the same effect. The oil naturally opens your pores, making them flexible enough to welcome the larger vitamin E cells.

Of course, this mimicking action also makes one of the jojoba oil benefits – serious moisturising! It’s a relatively light oil when compared to other natural plant oils that you can use in your beauty regime, and although it might give you a slight sheen in the summer, won’t leave you too greasy.

In short, jojoba oil will nourish your skin, clean your skin, and help fight against the signs of ageing by encouraging natural collagen production and plumping up those fine lines and wrinkles. Plus it helps to boost hydration and all that extra water means your skin will be nice and plumped up too. That’s pretty impressive, right? Just wait until you add the next load of jojoba oil benefits…

The anti-microbial properties means that jojoba oil works really well as an anti-acne treatment, with that iodine we spoke about a moment ago. The bad bacteria that often cause acne breakouts, little zits and blackheads are counteracted by the powerful, cleansing iodine, giving you a powerful tool to use against acne, oily skin, and skin that has been subjected to years of residue build-up.

Not just great for your skin, the anti-clogging jojoba oil benefits will work wonders for your hair, giving the hair follicles a really good spring clean! When you un-clog your follicles, you are allowing your hair to grow faster, healthier, and happier, and that means one thing – BEAUTIFUL hair! If the truth be told, that means a couple more things too – it can help to reduce hair loss, and can even combat split ends and breakages, as well as giving your hair a protective barrier to protect against future damage.

You will find that adding jojoba oil to your hair after washing will also make de-tangling a lot easier, making the comb slide through your hair and preventing breakage once again.