How to Treat Burned Hair

Hydrate Your Hair

When your hair is burnt, it lacks moisture. It feels like a thirsty desert. What you need to do in this situation is to hydrate it more often. Find a rich moisturizer for your hair treatment, and apply it twice a day. This moisture found in the hydrator will treat hair from its cracks and split ends, and help it recover fast.

Step Two: Enrich it with keratin

Keratin is a protein that makes the hair feel rich and healthy and elastic. When the hair is burnt, this protein is lost. You need to enrich your hair with it by using conditioners and hair treatments for women that have keratin in them. Find the word “keratin” in the ingredients of the product.

Rely on hair care products

The market is full with hair care products that help treat burned hair. Yet, even if you use special shampoo, do not wash your hair every day. Instead, rely on hydrating masks that moisturize your strands. Do that twice a week.

Cut some of it off

If the burn is really strong and it feels impossible to heal it, just cut some of your hair off. After all, the burn will prevent the proteins from reaching your hair, and it would be much better if you lose some of it so that your hair regenerates.

Note: Cool Them Down

If you’re using your curling iron and you feel the burn instantly, don’t just continue with what you’re doing; instead, reach for an ice pack and cool down your hair. Find anything that’s frozen in your fridge and place it on your hair until the temperature goes down. The damage will sure be less.