Make Up

How To Apply Concealer

There are actually proper techniques in applying these products so that they can really accomplish the job of making you look great. Check out the following tips.

For those who want to know how to apply concealer properly, professional make-up artists nowadays are united in endorsing the triangle method for under the eyes. Not only will this diminish those dark under-eye circles, but this will also highlight the cheeks to create a more natural look. A lot of women usually do their concealer in a half moon shape, and that just really makes the concealer look like bright under-eye patches. Instead, you should blend the concealer either using your ring fingers or a damp sponge, and then dab it with generous amounts of translucent powder.

Let the concealer and powder “bake” for 5 to 10 minutes if you want the brightness to last so much longer. After that baking time, with a soft fluffy or fan brush, gently brush away excess powder.

If you’re concealing a pimple, use a color corrector first if it’s quite red. Green concealer is the perfect base; dab it on using a small concealer brush, or even just a Q-tip, then let the color sit there for a bit before using a concealer that closely matches your skin tone. Make sure to blend the concealer around the blemish so it doesn’t look like a patch, and then set it with a good setting or finishing powder.

When it comes to applying mascara, make sure your wand does not have extra goop. To prevent goopy lashes, some pro makeup artists recommend dabbing the tip of the wand on a facial tissue to get rid of extra product before finally applying mascara in a zigzag motion through your lashes. The zigzag motion will help separate the lashes for a fuller look and it will also target those little corner lashes. You can also use those lash guards that will cover your lids. Or, if you don’t want another product cluttering your vanity table, just use an old business card to cover that lid as you apply mascara.