Gradient Lips the Way Korean Women Do

  • Start your preparation the night before you plan on wearing gradient lipstick. Note that you’ll be doing some layering work on your lips so to avoid chances of getting a clumpy effect due to lipstick clinging to lip lines, ensure that you apply lip balm the prior night and exfoliate the morning after. This will ensure that the lipstick or tint you use will smoothly glide on your lips.
  • Once done exfoliating, apply a single layer of your lip balm. If you want, you can employ a clear lip primer that is non-glossy.
  • Apply milk tint to your entire lips evenly from the upper part, lower part, inner part and outer part. Doing this gives you lips with a good undertone.
  • Now, this is the most critical step. Dab some lip concealer ONLY at your lower lip’s outer edge and apply this on your upper lips thinly. The concealer evens out any undesired pigmentation that’s dark found on the outer edge of your lips and this makes them look smaller.
  • The next thing you’ll need is lip tint that’s very pigmented. Apply this all over the middle of your lower lips beginning from the interior part. Blend it with your finger and brush. It’s good if you could use a tint with a consistency that’s watery.
  • To make it more attractive, swipe some lip tint that’s lighter in color surrounding the darker color of your first application. This makes an excellent gradient. After which, apply lightly on your upper lips but ensure that you don’t apply it to the area that’s concealed.
  • For the finishing part, use lip gloss in two shades. The first must be a darker shade than your natural lip color and the other must be nude.
  • Use the lip gloss with the darker shade and apply it on your lip’s inner side beginning from the interior part. Note that you shouldn’t let the darker gloss touch or reach the outer edge of your lips.
  • Using your nude lip gloss, swipe a bit of your lip’s outer edge and blend well using your lip brush.