Make Up

Goth Makeup

Goth Makeup Foundation

Foundation is not essential for a great Goth look, but it certainly can help the image a lot. You need to decide whether you want to have a pale face or not (pale faces are generally much better to contrast against the heavy black makeup for a more striking effect), if you do go for a pale face look, don’t get cheap foundation as this will wear off too quickly and may not give a smooth finish.

Eye Makeup

Black is the key here. You will want to brush plenty of black eye shadow onto your eyelids and/or below the eye area to give it that dark, mysterious look. Don’t overdo the goth makeup, but if applied correctly it should really bring out the natural color of your eyes and really help to give a striking Goth look.


You may need to experiment with the lipstick color. Some Goths go for the traditional black lipstick which complements the eye shadow nicely and gives a much darker look, or you can go for much more colorful shades and have bright colors such as red which can work very well also. Bascially, you need to try a few out and see what suits you the best.

Cheek Highlights

An important, but often forgotten technique with goth makeup. Lightening your cheeks looks great and a soft pink color really gives your look that special edge, however you do need to choose a shade that matched your skin tone and color otherwise it may look odd. Practice makes perfect!