Get Glowing Skin During the Summer

Give it a Good Scrub

Before you go and soak in the sun’s rays, give your skin a complete scrub and exfoliation. Make use of a good body and face pack so that you can scrub off all the dead cells on your body. Once that is done, use a toner on your face and other exposed parts so that your pores get opened up and cleaned properly. And invest in a good moisturizer (use a water based one if you are prone to oily skin) and apply it onto your skin. Exfoliate at least a couple of times a week so that all the grime collected on your skin gets cleaned out and you will have clean and great looking skin.

Shave Properly

Now that you can show off your legs and great body, the razor will also be brought out more often. Spend a little extra money on a razor specifically meant for women. Use one that will not cause any kind of burn or problem to your skin. And get a good shaving cream to go with it so that you can get a smooth shave with soft skin. If you do not have the money to spend on a good shaving cream, you can substitute it with a bit of your hair conditioner!

Invest in Good Cosmetics

Just because your sunscreen has been lying in your cupboard from last summer doesn’t mean you should use it this year too. Throw out all the old creams and spend a little money on a good sunscreen as well as some light lotions and gels that will protect your skin from the sun and keep you feeling great. Even lipsticks are now available with SPF in order to protect your lips from chapping. Apply them generously before you step out of your house every day.