Make Up

Eye Make-Up Tips for Looking Much Younger

Use an Under Eye Skin Tightener

Once only available at expensive spas or for those more well off, these are now more than affordable and instantly effective, that is to say within at least one minute lasting up to 12 hours.

They practically eliminate those dark bags under the eyes allowing you to then apply some subtle make-up to lift the eye letting it glow and emit a wonderfully healthy look.

Note: If your applying a lip liner, always make sure it’s lighter that the eye liner you use to gently lift the skin tone under the eye, and vice versa for darker skin tone eye liners.

Getting the Right Eye Shadow

Gold, bronze, beige and very light pink can really create a smoky effect on the eye. This draws the attention to the eye itself suggesting that maturity is somewhat more of a desire for some men, while you emit an aura of allure and intrigue.

Lighter, softer eye shadow colors deliver a more sophisticated look.

Choose a Youthful Eye Liner

Dark eyeliners imply aging skin, avoid these unless your skin tone is exceptionally compliments these colors.

Lighter eye liners on the other hand like white and silver will provide a much younger look and remember – never put a cross line over the eye, something only teens can really get away with.

Collagen Q10 Eye Gel Patches

Worn for 15 to 20 minutes, these instantly rehydrate the epidermis under the eye – the surface layer, providing firmer, tighter rejuvenated skin tissue for up to at least 12 hours and also help with eliminating under eye lines and creases for the long term.

Pentapeptide 3, Vitamin C, Collagen and Vitamin Q10 are to date considered the most effective ingredients for instant rejuvenation.

Applying a subtle concealer followed by an eye shadow, will then take on completely new replenished and healthy looking skin which should invite many a compliments.

These Collagen Q10 patches are second to none when it comes to rehydrating under eye skin tissue.