Different Ways to Wear Perfume

  • Make a statement – I remember my mother always receiving compliments on her perfume. I always thought she must have had an expensive bottle of perfume hidden some place that I didn’t know about. Then I realized it was how she applied her perfume. She would add a spritz of her fragrance to her hair and carefully to her clothes. Fragrance evaporates faster with the warmth of the skin whereas when applied to hair or fabrics it is trapped for a longer time. Caution should be taken when applying fragrance to fabrics, such as silk or satin, as they may stain or become discolored.
  • Change the application process – when you dilute a perfume new facets of the fragrance are revealed that are not obvious when applied full strength. Change up how you apply your fragrance by dabbing or spraying it in tiny targeted bursts. This can be a subtle to dramatic difference in the scent that is evoked.
  • Pamper Yourself – for those stressful days, a luxurious hot bath scented with your favorite perfume is a great way to relax. This is not to say to use your most expensive fragrance but add 1 -2 drops of perfume right before you get into the tub. The warmth of the bath with bring out the scent blossoms.
  • Scent your lotion – take your favorite perfume and add a couple of spritzes, mixing thoroughly and then apply to the skin. Until you know how the lotion ingredients and the perfume will interact caution should be taken in making the blends in large batches.

Try experimenting with these tips to achieve different ways to wear perfume. Don’t get discouraged if your first attempt doesn’t result in a scent that you like. Practice is the key.