Make Up

Dark Eye Makeup

Start with a dark eyeliner, preferably in black or a dark charcoal or tar color. Pull the upper eyelid taunt and carefully draw a line inside the eyelid along the upper lashes, filling in any gaps and thickening the last line. Then pull down gently on the lower eyelid and draw a line inside the lower lash line.

Now select a dark shade of eye shadow to add depth and contours to your eyes. A dark smoky gray, deep forest green, or deep burgundy will all work well.

Brush this dark eye shadow on your upper eyelid and into the crease. Then sweep it upward and outward from the crease onto the bottom of the brow bone. Feather the color out as you get close to the eyebrow. You do want to be able to see the color when your eyelid is open as well as closed.

Select a second, very light but coordinating shade of eye shadow to use as a highlighter. This will enhance the depth of your eye. A pearl white works well, as does light green or light mauve. Lightly brush this shade along the outer part of the eye on the bone just below the eyebrow. You will basically just brush one line of this highlighting color along the brow bone as an accent.

Using a shade of the brow pencil that matches or is just slightly darker than your natural eyebrows, use short, feathery strokes to fill in any gaps in your eyebrows. The lines should not be obvious or distinct. You may want to use a brow brush to soften the brow pencil and blend it a bit.

Finally, with your eyelids half open, apply a very dark shade of mascara to your upper eyelashes. Apply it with careful strokes to thicken and lengthen lashes. Using a soft back and forth motion, carefully apply mascara to your lower lashes. Voila! You are ready to head out for the evening.