Make Up

Choosing Foundation and Eye Make-Up Shades


Always choose your foundation in daylight. You are looking for the shade that most closely matches your own skin. Test a small amount on your face, near the jaw-line, and never on your hand. If you hold your hand up to your face you will find that they are not the same colour.

Eye make-up

Lights (naturally blonde, blue/green/grey eyes, fair skin)

The lights need to choose pastel shades for eye-shadows – aqua, peach, fawn, soft greys, light greens and teals will work well. Eye pencils will also need to be quite delicate as browns, black and aubergine will look very harsh.

Deeps (Dark brown or black hair, dark brown eyes)

The deeps will need a natural base colour for the eyes but can then use strong shades of coffee, mocha, steel, mercury, aubergine and smoke for a stronger look. Because they have lots of depth in their own colouring these shades look balanced and do not over-power them.

Warms (Red-heads, fair or golden skin tone, often with freckles)

Apricot, toffee, gold, khaki and browns will look natural and will really enhance the warms’ colouring. By using deeper warm shades a more glamorous look can be achieved. Avoid pale greys and lilacs as these will drain.

Cools (Ash blonde or silver hair tones, cool (pink) or olive skin tone)

Greys, pewter, lilacs, light pink, purple tones are very flattering. Avoid gold and copper tones as these will look sickly.

Clears (Dark hair, lighter skin, clear blue, green or topaz eyes)

You have contrast in your own colouring and your eyes are bright so you can take contrast and brightness. Teals and peppermint work very contrasted with icy grey or champagne. Bright amethysts and purples also look great.

Softs (Light brown, medium hair tones, little contrast between hair skin and eyes)

Soft brown, greens, purples and greys are very flattering. Anything too bright and bold will stand out too much and people will notice the make-up not you! If you’re still unsure about which shades will work best for you, why not book a consultation with an image consultant who will help you achieve a make-up look you’ll feel comfortable with.