LED Light Therapy for Skin

Yellow LEDs at 590+ nanometers, red LEDs at 625-660 nanometers, and infrared LEDs at 850+ nanometers have been shown to have significant improvements in the appearance of numerous skin conditions including aging and rosacea. The benefits of these wavelengths are far and wide creating quite a list of impressive improvements.

Benefits of yellow, red, and infrared LEDs:

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis
  • Boosts cellular energy
  • Increases circulation
  • Decreases length and depth of lines and wrinkles
  • Fades age spots and discoloration
  • Diminishes scarring
  • Brightens skin tone
  • Reduces pore size
  • Improves the texture of the skin
  • Firms and tightens
  • Plumps the lips
  • Reduces redness
  • Diminishes inflammation
  • Accelerates healing of pimples and blemishes

Most of these reactions within the skin and body don’t occur overnight, but take consistency and patience with treatments. Although, some changes can be seen immediately in many individuals such as brightening skin tone, a reduction in pore size, and …

Thinning Nails Prevention

Then the technician proceeded to groom my nails by filing and shaping them into my desired shape which was oval, but you can get them shaped either square or round. Next, before applying Shellac, she applied olive oil around my nail bed to soften the dry areas around the cuticle. Next, by using a sharp, sterile cuticle nipper, the dead skin was finally removed painlessly and quickly. She didn’t forget to clean underneath and on the top areas of my nails lightly with a nailbrush dipped into the soapy water bowl. Remember to repeat the same process on the other hand along with a good buff and shine.

The next step the nail technician did to my hands after grabbing a dab of lotion, she proceeded to gently give my hands a nice massage that started from the fingertips on up to the wrist area. This feels very soothing and …

Keep Yourself Looking Young

Start losing weight.

The better way to look and feel good is to lose weight. If you are overweight,you do not have to lose weight in an instant. Put on your last list taking synthetic slimming pills otherwise you will end up sick and frustrated. And forget going to a liposuction clinic since you have options. You may try taking a walk every morning to begin your journey towards becoming skinny. Walking around the neighborhood can take out the stress. You can stretch out that facial muscles while saying hi to friends and release your happy hormone along the way.

You may also join a zumba class. There are many groups who offer zumba activities nowadays. Joining this kind of activity is good for your health. It is fun and never boring. You can make a lot of friends too while dancing. It is a good way to lose the …

Ways to Care for Bleached Hair


Bleaching damages your hair because it can remove much of its moisture. Before going about the whole process, make sure that your hair is in a healthy and good condition.

  • Deep Conditioner – Use a deep conditioner each time you take a bath.
  • Hair Mask – These are very concentrated conditioning creams that you can apply every week. Hair masks are cheap to buy in any drug store. If you want to go natural, you can use extra virgin olive oil. Saturate it on hair, cover and leave for a duration of thirty to sixty minutes. Do this several times in one week prior to bleaching your hair.
  • Leave-on Conditioner – You may use leave on or just your regular conditioner. Pour a pea-sized amount and apply on your still damp hair.


If you have dark hair, it would take some rounds of bleaching before your hair turns …

Tools to Fight Skin Aging

The concept of anti-aging involves a lot of approaches and methods that help anyone to look and feel younger. Specifically, looking younger is important to many people because it somehow defines impression. Physical appearance is sometimes who you really are.

There are creams and formula that promise to give you youthful skin. There are even products that claim to give you results on your first use. Some of these products, unfortunately, are only out to offer sweet talks about quick results. What people should really look into are those that promise to effectively counter the problems.

Sagging skin, for example, has figured to be in countless debates among many middle- aged women. As there are several procedures in addressing this concerns, most methods are inclined towards more abrasive approaches that may just be well too gory for the regular person. There have been reports about cosmetic surgeries that ended in …

Great Conrow Styles

Braided Diva

This style is characterized by designer cornrows on one side and super braids on the other. You should start by sectioning your hair and braiding one side using your chosen design. After sectioning you should continue braiding the different sections into long single braids. To achieve the desired length and thickness you should add synthetic hair. Once you are done you should spray the hair in order to make it shiny.

It’s good to note that while the hairstyle is good to have, it looks great on you if you have an oval face. You should also have medium to coarse hair.

Curly Fro Hawk

You should braid your hair up on both of your sides in order to create a fro hawk. Before you start braiding you should ensure that your hair is clean and dry. Once clean you should go ahead and braid the hair with …

Eye Lash Extensions

The first benefit you will find when choosing eye lash extensions that are applied to each individual eye lash is that they are long lasting. The need to remove them each night before you go to bed and putting them on each morning before you go out is forgotten as you enjoy beautiful, thick and long eyelashes at all times.

Secondly you will notice that this treatment provides the best results. They are superior quality to the false eyelashes you simply purchase in the shop and use as part of your make up routine. These are designed to provide you with beautiful eyes at all times, a design that complements your eyes and makes you feel better about yourself on a daily basis.

The biggest advantage and probably the one you have thought of is the time saving element that these eye lash extensions can provide. Due to the fact …

Apply a French Manicure at Home

Flower design on nails may look time taking work at home, but with a little practice and patience, you can create a custom manicure by using your favorite colors. You don’t need to use a long list of nail products or any nail kit such as french manicure kit or dip powder kit. You just need to keep your patience and after that, the result will be outstanding. Also, a little creativity will display your creative side to the people. After become master in the basic flower design, you can play around with details, extra design as well as colors.

To make a beautiful flower design, you just need to follow some steps at home and you will get the best result. At first, you need to paint your nails by using a single solid color that contrasts with the flower color to make your design pop. There have many …

Dead Sea Mud Mask

The recent hype on a Dead sea mask has been a reason for the growing popularity of the product in the skin and hair care market. I did research on the Dead Sea mud mask on my behalf and have explored a lot about its features and benefits.

Things to know about a Dead Sea Mud Mask

  • It is enriched with more than 26 minerals that can have incredible effects on skin and hair.
  • The minerals present in the mud offers special protection to the skin and defends it from developing the embarrassing and painful condition like psoriasis.
  • It is also helpful in treating eczema, acne, and scars.
  • It lightens the skin tone.
  • It is an organic way of treating dandruff prone hair scalp and offers natural lust to the hair.
  • It is a natural moisturizing agent that boost the flow of oxygen to the skin and enhances the texture