Make Up

Benefits of Airbrush Make-Up

Airbrushing creates an even and smooth finish – Make-up artists love to have airbrush equipment in their professional kit in order to create an even and natural finish, which has a velvet smooth texture – making it a perfect technique for creating high definition make-up for magazines, television and films etc. Unlike typical make-up looks created using palettes and brushes, the make-up look achieved with an airbrush foundation kit is almost undetectable and almost flawless.

It’s water-resistant – The airbrush kit is popular with make-up artists who want a long lasting and waterproof solution. It is ideal for outdoor shoots or long sessions where the heat or lighting can cause perspiration and ruin make-up – airbrush make-up will last for hours and is removed easily with cleansing products.

It’s a ‘must have’ for HD – Airbrush is the only suitable high definition make-up for use with HD media. So if you work in film or TV production, this will enable you to produce the best results.

It’s lightweight – Clients love airbrush make-up because of its lightweight and ‘barely there’ feel. Make-up artists can create great coverage, for example using the airbrush foundation kit, without using too much product, providing excellent results for both the camera and the client.

Airbrushing is an in-demand skill – Due to the advancements in HD technology, as well as the desire to a create flawless and glowing make-up look without the use of digital enhancement, the art of being able to use airbrush equipment effectively is an in-demand skill and one which make-up artists should acquire. Having airbrushing products alongside your make-up palette and make-up brushes will provide you with a complete range of skills to create the most sought after looks in the industry.

There are a number of excellent training courses available for Make-up Artists, as well as a diverse range of products to create a range of stunning looks using airbrush make-up.