Make Up

Be a Hairstylist

  • Find the correct makeup school

Before finding the right makeup institute that teaches hair styling, graduate from school. A High School diploma is essential. Once that is complete, look for a vocational college or better yet a cosmetology school. Research a few options and then select the one which has the best teachers. It is the merit of the trainer that adds value to a student.

  • Complete the hair styling course

If the final objective is to open up a private salon in the future, it is best to get a license in hair cutting. Clients prefer such places. To do so, complete the hair stylist course and get the required training hours in. Moreover, keep the license current in the coming years. For this, additional education might be needed which is an excellent avenue to keeping your knowledge up to date.

Trends change year to year. It is vital to be aware of the latest styles and techniques in hair cutting. Renewing the license is the shortest route to the information.

  • Search the right job

Getting a dream job begins with writing the best resume and cover letter. The two documents detail:

  1. Experience
  2. Training
  3. Education
  4. Interests

They are essential when applying for a job, particularly online. Ergo, it is critical that the documents are written and checked thoroughly. Highlight all the qualification that put the focus on unique candidacy. Experience as a hairstylist or even customer service work-ex is considered necessary. Work done in any position in a salon helps even more.

After writing the resume and cover letter, get them to proofread. Choose someone who has impeccable spelling and grammar to perform the task. Now, both the documents are ready to be submitted. If possible, tailor the resume to the particular position applied. There is no need to revamp the document thoroughly, just make some small changes that help secure the job post.

  • Build up a portfolio

A hairstylist is primarily an artist. They need to show off their skills and the beauty they can create. A portfolio is an ideal method of reaching this aim. It displays strengths, creativity, and ingenuity to new and potential patrons and employers. To build a collection, the steps to be taken are:

  1. Ask every client if they are comfortable with their pictures taken and used for promotional purposes.
  2. If they consent, take a before snapshot and once the hairstyling is complete, an after image.
  3. Use pictures that display myriads of styles and haircuts.
  4. Keep updating the portfolio from time to time.

Have two sets of oeuvres – an online one that can be submitted along with the resume and a hard copy for in-person interviews.

  • Take the first step

It may sound counterintuitive, but the first stage on any path is finding the ‘in.’ For a hairstylist, that includes working in a salon. It doesn’t matter what the job profile is. It is getting the foot through the door that weighs. The experience has a lot of consideration. Thus, get a position at a makeup parlour or salon. An office assistant, receptionist or any other related area, each one of them supplies the experience needed to be a hairstylist.

  • Keep looking for the dream salon

While working as an assistant or studying keep applying for jobs in any salon or spa. Besides searching online for vacancies, visit parlours nearby with copies of resume and portfolio. Places that have a similar service range as your speciality would be the apt choices. It is a waste of time to put a resume in a salon that offers only hair cuts when the dream is to be a colour stylist. Be flexible but keep an eye on the final goal too.