Make Up

Apply Dramatic Eye Make Up

Many women feel inadequate when it comes to correctly applying eye make up. We all wish we had our own personal make up artist for those really special occasions. But you really can learn how to draw attention to the beauty of your eyes. Free tips and application ideas come with most make up products. You can also find valuable information on line.

If you need your make up to last smudge free for several hours, you may want to consider a few extra steps. Adding foundation to the eyes will lay a base for your make up colors. You can also purchase a rather expensive but very helpful eye shadow primer that will prevent both smudging and creasing.

Use high quality makeup with denser pigmentation. Because it is more concentrated and has less filler, it will last longer on your eyes.

Once your eyes are ready to be made up, you will need to choose appropriate colors. People with blue or green or other light-colored eyes need to stay with the lighter shades. If you have dark hazel or brown eyes, you are freer to go to deeper shades for the dramatic eye make up look you want.

Of course, if you are going for an exotic or fantasy statement, and neon blue matches your outfit, let your imagination carry you away. On the other hand, if you want a striking, sophisticated look, stick with three shades, applying lightest over entire lid first, medium from lash line to lid crease, and darkest in crease itself. Your eyes will look larger and more alive if you apply the medium shade over the darker.

Lining your eyes is really necessary for a complete look, and can be accomplished with a little practice. Choose a dark liner for upper lid and a creamy liner for lower one. Smudge for softer effect. Do not connect lines or your eyes will appear smaller.