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Airbrush Wedding Makeup


Whether you have clear skin or need to hide imperfections, airbrushing can provide a clean, clear base of foundation to carry the whole look to perfection. Because airbrushing goes on in a super-fine mist it can be applied to ears, neck, decolletage and even shoulders and back without looking streaky or patchy. The foundation formula is also quick drying and will resist rubbing off on clothing or other people (remember the bride will have to hug and kiss a lot of well-wishers on the big day, so this is really important).


Airbrush wedding makeup also provides a unique contouring opportunity. Most bridal looks will have a heavier contouring on them than normal because the bride needs to photograph well and airbrushing can provide a seamless finish to contours and highlights as well. One of the best tricks which every bride will love is to contour the decolletage – using a darker shade in the cleavage and blending to a highlight on the top of the bust will give the illusion of a fuller, rounder curve.


Airbrush wedding makeup can also take into account the bridal eyebrows, and using and airbrush stencil can achieve the perfectly-defined look without appearing overdone – this is possible because custom shades can be mixed easily with airbrush products, so you can get an exact match for your eyebrows.


Highlighting is very important for a wedding look, and with airbrush makeup you can get two levels of highlighting. Firstly, blending shades with the actual foundation can create tone and highlight areas without adding shine or shimmer. For places like cheekbones, eyebrows and decolletage where a bit of shimmer is needed, then there are subtle shimmer highlights available for use with airbrushes that go on seamlessly.


Airbrush wedding makeup can include the eye makeup as well. Airbrushes can be very precise, so applying faultless smoky eyes is actually surprisingly easy with an airbrush makeup kit. A great way to make eyes shine is to put a bit of highlight right in the center of the lid – not enough to leave a lot of color, but the pigment will catch the light and make eyes appear bigger, this will also give the eyes dimension in the wedding pictures.