About Perfume Atomizers

Many of these perfume atomizers were of unusual designs and a number of them were unique enough that they were patented. Developing glassware designs of their own, DeVilbiss contacted glassware companies in the United States and overseas in which their atomizers could be mounted.

The benefits of an atomizer makes the application of modern perfumes convenient and easy. This reduces the mess and waste, by converting a stream of liquid into a light mist of fragrance to be applied where you want it. Not only are these devices used in perfume and pharmaceutical industries but can also be found in kitchens and for cleaning supplies. Known by other names such as squirt bottles, cooking sprays or inhalers for medications, bottles that emit a mist fall under this definition.

The components of the old atomizer is essentially a bulb syringe attached to a plastic tube that runs inside the perfume bottle and connected to a nozzle. Squeezing the bulb mixes oxygen and the liquid perfume which pulls the liquid up the tube and through the tip or nozzle. A screen causes it to disperse in a fine spray as the liquid passes through the nozzle evenly distributing it onto the skin or into the air.

The perfume atomizer creates a light, even spray that covers a reasonably large area which allows the consumer to apply the product with better control and less mess. An atomizer will prevent spoilage and evaporation of an expensive product. Perfume should be smelled by the person wearing it or people who are in very close physical proximity. By using an atomizer, this helps to dispense a small amount so that the wearer is not drenched in the fragrance. Perfume spray bottles are usually made from glass and other ornamental materials, therefore they are decorative as well as functional.

Atomizers come in every shape, size and color. Some bulb atomizers are beautifully crocheted with fringed tassels. Atomizers can be purchased separately or with a matching bottle. These can range from inexpensive molded glass to hand-blown specimens.

Caution should be taken when using an atomizer as these create a volatile solution that is highly flammable. An atomizer should never be used while smoking, near an open flame or space heaters. Most colognes and perfume blends contain alcohol which can severely irritate the eye. Atomizer perfume bottles should never be played with by children.