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6 Reasons Why You Should Trust French Cosmetic Brand

I don’t know what comes to your mind when you hear of French cosmetic brands but for sure, you must know that France is a huge player in the fashion industry.

They have, and still dominate the runway in many fashion events not only in Europe but across the world. It is becoming a fashion statement to have a french brand in your wardrobe or collection of fashion accessories.

The industry is booming and has generated billions in revenue for the French government. The e-market too has attracted international customers boosting French brands.

Of course, the quality will vary depending on the company, but it has an overall excellent achiever in terms of quality. The best way to tell how other people perceive these companies is through reading reviews.

Trust review websites such as for all feedback about companies within France. In case you’re looking to add fashionable clothing and accessories to your wardrobe,  you may have a look at dressin, an online store that sells products from many brands within France.

Can the same praises in the fashion industry be said about the French cosmetic brands? Absolutely. In this article, I intend to give you all the reasons why you should trust French cosmetic brands.

1.Good brand image 

Unless you’re repurchasing something, most of the time you don’t really get to know how the product works or its effects thereafter.

How brands are able to make sales even after introducing something new to the market is through their already established brand image.

The French cosmetic industry has a reputable brand image internationally. A lot of these companies have invested in quality products that have gained a reputation with consumers worldwide.

The brand image instils some sort of trust between the customer and brand before any purchases are made.

2.Some brands have made it to the top in the international market

The main reason why you should trust French cosmetics brands is that a lot of these brands have made it to the top of the international cosmetic market.

Many of these are luxury cosmetic brands that have managed to be marketed, sold and even establish branches worldwide.

Smaller under-the-radar French cosmetic brands do also produce good quality makeup and skincare products that are worth every penny.

3.Use of healthy ingredients in the manufacture of their products

The main reason why you will find that most French cosmetic brands are really expensive is because of the ingredients used in the manufacture of their product.

They focus on the use of ingredients that are healthy and good for your skin. Many dermatologists have in kit approved and recommended some French cosmetic brand skincare products.

A good example is Biotherm that uses thermal plankton.

The use of natural biodegradable and renewable products are sustainable to the environment giving you all the reasons why you should trust French cosmetic brands.

4.French cosmetic brands prioritize quality products

French cosmetics may cost a lot more than many other regular cosmetic brands but you will be sure they’re not sacrificing the quality.

Prioritising quality over quantity also means saving the environment by reducing the amount of waste produced.

French supremacy in the global beauty market can be attributed to the quality of makeup they sell. This establishes some prestige not just for specific makeup brands but the whole cosmetic industry in France.

5.Wide variety of options to choose from

Another reason to choose French cosmetics is that you have a lot of options.

Not just with many brand options but also with the price ranges.

Some brands do cost more than others while others are relatively cheaper. The determining factor of what cosmetic brand to go with should be on the quality against the price.

Not all costly cosmetics are worth it and not all cheap cosmetics are worthless.

6.There is something for everyone

French cosmetic brands embodied a representation of all types of skin tones.

With a majority of French cosmetics, you will find that they have over 40 different shades.

Not only are there a variety of shades that are very attractive for the customers but also how they have been packaged.

We always presume on the quality of a product based on the packaging. Everybody wants something aesthetically pleasing and at the same time working their magic it’s meant to.


It should not be a difficult task to decide whether or not to go with a French cosmetic brand. French cosmetic brands are the leading in terms of quality cosmetics and skincare products.

However, when you have two conflicting French cosmetic brands to choose from, always rely on reading reviews from trustable review websites like