Fairness Creams

Whenever I go to market, a moisturizer and a sunscreen lotion is a must pick for me. I don’t use fairness lotions, but a lot of people have a perception that fairness creams help them to enhance their complexion and offer them radiant and trouble-free skin.

Though, I do not hesitate to do research on my behalf and have explored a few facts about the fairness creams available on the market.

  • If you are not aware, let me tell you that most of the fairness creams contain bleaching agents. If the content of the bleaching agents present in these creams exceeds the level considered as safe, it may leave a harmful effect on the skin over time. Also, the long-term usage of these creams may pose serious health issues. In rare cases, it may cause skin cancer too.
  • None of the fairness creams can change the actual complexion of a

About Homemade Face Wash

Some things I have learned to create instead of buying is my Laundry soap, cleaner, and much more. Today I thought I would give a run down on a new face wash I have been trying.

After a lot of research and constant repining on Pinterest, I think I have come up with a pretty simple technique, I have gotten it down to between two to four products! One of the main ingredients I use is Coconut Oil, I do have oily skin so I was pretty hesitant on using it. You would think that when you have oily skin, you NEVER want to use oil on your skin. But, it actually has helped counter act the oil my body makes, so that my skin is really soft and not oily throughout the day.

Second ingredient is Honey! Honey has many anti-bacterial traits and is good for treating acne. If …

Stop Having Oily Skin

In these cases, the intervention of a psychologist is necessary to deal comprehensively with the problem, since it is not only a physical issue that a dermatologist should be responsible for, but also an emotional one. Having acne involves many conflicts with self-esteem, safety, self-acceptance, bullying and other situations whose consequences are serious and, in some cases, extreme, such as suicide.

But not all is lost; Fortunately, there are some beauty tricks to avoid acne and its consequences. These are simple to follow and besides making you look better, they will give health and cleanliness to your skin, which translates into a person who looks good and, therefore, feels good.

  • Hydrate your skin
    We might think that having a greasy complexion is not convenient for a moisturizer, but that is a serious mistake. We must keep the pores hydrated with a special cream for your skin type and without artificial

Handmade Soap

Handmade soap is great to me and seems to be better for my skin overall. I have heard from many others that purchase soap from me and they love it as well. The benefits of using handmade soap is better than store bought soaps for many reasons. The main reason being all of the chemicals and additives used in store bought soaps. Handmade soaps do not contain all of the harsh chemicals in them that other soaps do. My base recipe includes olive oil, but you can incorporate many different types of oils including coconut oil, or grapeseed oil, and more – just to name a few. I usually use a mix of oils to make my complete mixture for the soaps I make. Using a mixture of different oils along with some other items can give the best results.

People often ask me if you can make soap without …

Maintain Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is donated by a living individual person that is not chemically processed, styled or coloured so that they possess the natural qualities and feel 100% natural with your own hair. They are often straight as they are not permed before use. In simple words, they are exactly the same which was on the donor’s head.

These are often harvested from young women with long, full healthy hair, which will be clear of greys, split ends and other damages. They are usually collected in ponytails so that their cuticle remain healthy and already show shiny, soft texture. Virgin hair is the highest quality hair extension option available in the market.

When saying chemically untouched or not at all permed, it is meant the same before collecting the hair from the donor as well. Even prior to donation, the hair should be not styled, relaxed or not exposed to any …

Wrinkles Above Lips

You need to simply prevent it with a good treatment to protect the lips from further lines on lips. Choose a lip balm or Vaseline to protect your lips from wrinkles. This balm must contain element to protect the lips from sun and treat the area with it.

Here are some tips that will help you to get rid of wrinkles around the lips and make it more beautiful:

  • Get a good moisturizer and night cream from the market that will help to protect the lips from wrinkles. You must apply it daily and will definitely get result within two weeks.
  • Drink plenty of water in a day. Intake 8-10 glasses of water in a day is must to make your lips moist and smooth, as dehydration is the only reason for the wrinkles.
  • Smokers have very deep wrinkles around the lips. You must eliminate smoking from your daily routine

Makeup for Different Types of Faces

  • Oval Face Shape
    Oval shape of face is considered as the most ideal shape. No special hair style or corrective makeup is required with an oval face shape as it is a very balanced face type. The eyebrows should be cleanly shaped. While you are applying the lipstick, make sure that you outline the lower lip for creating a fuller look whereas natural look of your upper lip is simply followed. Apply the blush on your cheeks in the shape of a ‘C’ and it should be blended up well to outer corner of your eyes.
  • Diamond Face Shape
    Diamond shape face has a narrow chin and forehead with little wide cheek bones. You need to reduce the width of cheeks for achieving an oval shape face by applying a little dark shade of your foundation to outside of your cheekbones which extends towards outer corner of your eyes. Lighter

The Tummy Tuck

The complexity of the surgery depends on the case being worked on. Surgery on a person with a lot of excess fat in the abdomen is more complicated. After the administration of anaesthesia, two incisions are made by the surgeon on the abdomen. One incision loosens the navel area while the other incision raises the navel from the tissues. The skin is then lifted to expose the muscles in the abdomen.

The surgeon then stitches the muscles into a new position thus giving the patient a new and defined waistline. The skin is stretched back to its original position. Any excess skin is trimmed down and the tummy is stitched to close up the incisions. Lastly, the surgeon creates a new naval since the old one would be stretched far down the tummy.

You will remain with a scar on the tummy but most surgeons try their best to conceal …

Making Your Face Look Slimmer

Creating a shadow under your chin and jaw line can give the rest of your face definition and a slimmer appearance. Professional photographers commonly use a shadow to define certain facial features and to hide features that are not so appealing. Makeup works pretty much the same way in that if you have a double chin or undefined jaw line, creating a shadow will make your double chin seem to disappear and your jaw line to look more prominent.

You may think that blush is only to be used on your cheeks, but you can also enhance your jaw line by creating a shadow with a light dusting of blush just below your jaw and underneath your chin. This technique, by itself, will make your face look thinner. It is important to note that you should blend the blush in well and not apply any blush to your neck area. …

Gorgeous Hair With Gooseberries

Everyone has their own hair complaints. Even men are suffering from severe hair damage and are opting for hair treatments now. The market is abuzz with products meant for curing almost every one of your hair issues and parlours are listed with an array of treatments to repair the harm that has been done.

Our nature is abound with herbs, fruits etc that can heal and treat many of your beauty problems. A little bit of patience is required to regain what you have damaged but it will be worth the wait and the effort. Any chemical treatment is bound to harm you in the long run but treating yourself with herbal and natural cures will bless you with beauty that is real and long-lasting.

This is a simple recipe of amla (Indian gooseberries) and coconut oil. Prepare this hair oil at home. It’s easy to make, doesn’t take much …