Essential Makeup For Mature Women

  • Stop using a lip liner pencil. Instead use a stiff-bristled lip liner BRUSH. This will help your lipstick stay and prevent bleeding or feathering of the color around your lips.
  • Apply a loose translucent powder with a good quality powder brush in the morning and don’t reapply during the day. Use sparingly as too much powder will actually accentuate the fine lines and wrinkles!
  • Depending on your skin-tone, use a beige-colored highlighter around the jowls to de-emphasize the shadow created by the jowls thereby making them less noticeable. To lessen the appearance of a saggy-neck, use a powder that is slightly darker than the surrounding skin and apply it under your chin. This will create the illusion of a shadow in that area and make it less prominent.
  • Ever been told that you shouldn’t use frosted eye shadow if you are over 30? If used properly, frosted eye shadow can

Benefits of Airbrush Make-Up

Airbrushing creates an even and smooth finish – Make-up artists love to have airbrush equipment in their professional kit in order to create an even and natural finish, which has a velvet smooth texture – making it a perfect technique for creating high definition make-up for magazines, television and films etc. Unlike typical make-up looks created using palettes and brushes, the make-up look achieved with an airbrush foundation kit is almost undetectable and almost flawless.

It’s water-resistant – The airbrush kit is popular with make-up artists who want a long lasting and waterproof solution. It is ideal for outdoor shoots or long sessions where the heat or lighting can cause perspiration and ruin make-up – airbrush make-up will last for hours and is removed easily with cleansing products.

It’s a ‘must have’ for HD – Airbrush is the only suitable high definition make-up for use with HD media. So if …

Beware Of DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate)

DBP is short for dibutyl phthalate. This substance is a chemical which has a plastic nature. DBP is often used in nail enamels to keep the polish flexible.

DBP – It’s dangers

  • Fact: DBP is banned in certain countries for use in cosmetic products including nail polishes. Why is that? The reason is because DBP is very dangerous to human health.
  • Cancer Causing: Studies conducted indicate that this toxic substance is a carcinogenic (cancer-causing). Breast cancer can be caused by over-exposure (or pro-longed exposure) to dibutyl phthalate, since this plasticizing chemical is known to disrupt the bodies hormonal system such as the estrogen system. This substance in fact has been discovered to act asĀ weak estrogens, therefore putting women at risk of severe hormonal damage.
  • A Mutagenic This chemical has been linked to birth defects in newborns and has therefore been labelled as a mutagenic. It may also

Caveat Emptor

One important task to making sure you’re choosing the right cosmetic surgeon is to check credentials. Are they certified with their respective governing board? Does she specialize in a certain procedure and meet all the qualifications for that specialty? A doctor who performs rhinoplasty may not be the best breast augmentation specialist. You’ll never know unless you take the time to do the research yourself. Don’t leave this to chance and your friend’s recommendation from three years ago. The medical profession changes constantly and doctors must always clamor to keep up with the changing standards.

To expedite your research, both before and during your initial consultation, follow these general guidelines:

  • What’s the doctor’s primary expertise? Don’t let them tell you they are a “jack-of-all trades”. Every surgeon specializes in something. Find out exactly what.
  • Ensure that the surgeon has performed a substantial number of cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • Once you’ve found

Asian Makeup Tips

  1. When applying makeup for Asians, do not forget that there are numerous options available to you. A combination of eyeliner pencil, liquid eyeliner and shadow will provide your eyes with the greatest degree of definition. If you are in possession of all of these cosmetics, it is advisable to make the most of them.
  2. Eye makeup for Asians does not have to remain conventional; black and brown makeup is available in an assortment of shades. This includes makeup of the color of espresso as well as glittery makeup which make the eyes shimmer.
  3. Dramatic makeup for Asians need not always be dark in color. Asian eyes stand out with shades of plum and raisin.
  4. To give your eyes more depth, graduate your makeup from the eyelash line all the way up to the eyebrow. The darkest shade, to be used along the eyelash line, should be merged into lighter shades

Do Great Eye Make Up

The type of make up we choose depends solely on out interest as a person. While some would go for bright and shiny others would go for the sexy eyes that are smoking hot!

Achieving a great eye make up should not be a big affair for even the amateur. It is easy and does not really take much time to be done. One of my most favorites at all times is the smokey eyes.

The innocent trick to have as an ace up your sleeve when doing a smokey eye make up is the manner at which we achieve out blend and the outcome of the eye shadow we apply.

The first thing to have in mind when applying any make up for a great eye is a clean face and ensure that your brows are properly shaped it is all to avoid looking awkward.

Most will think smokey …

Power of Perfume

Perfume in the early days was a determination of class, distinction and good taste. I can simply say that the attitude of wearing perfume has not changed much since the 1800’s. Perfumes are a great mixture of many elements, not easily identified or broken down by the average nose. For the most part, perfume is based on three identifiers: intricate mixture of top notes, heart notes, and base notes. Top notes are said to be more temporary and evaporate more quickly, while the base notes are long-lasting. Whether male or female, we can all enjoy the instant mood elevation and brain’s reaction to smelling a pleasant scent in our midst. The heart note is said to be the main body of the perfumes composition.- noticed in the middle of the perfumes overall aroma release- perfume is a multi-layered agent of beautiful smell with distinction. As a woman, I can convey …

Basics of Makeup

It’s said the eyes are the window of the sole and in health and beauty circles it’s said that the eyes are the window to health and attraction. Eye Makeup is one of the most important and best ways to enhance your natural beauty.

There are several steps for applying make up around the eyes.

Always start with your eye brows. Create a brow-line using an eye brow pencil. You can also use the pencil to fill in gaps where you may have plucked away your natural brow. Applying carefully and sparingly as an eye brow pencil can really show and look unnatural. Use a slanted eye makeup brush to apply eye powder to finish the job. Eyeshadow come next and it needs to match and compliment your eye color as well as your skin tone so chose your colour after some study of both. Use darker shades of eyeshadow …

Hair Care Mistakes

  • Toning It Down Would Be Ideal

A typical error made by people is to utilize excessive hair styling items at the same time. Utilizing more items won’t give you a superior look. To get a natural beauty which looks splendid, just blow dry your hair and utilize one hair styling item which is best on your scalp.

  • Be Careful With The Level Of Heat

Various types of hair can deal with different levels of heat. In the event that your hair is thin, it should not be placed under 130 degree Celsius temperatures and if it’s thick, then the temperature should not be more than 200 degree Celsius. Putting it under more than 200 degree temperature diminishes the quality of hair by up to half. At this temperature, it loses its smoothness. To stay away from this, utilize top notch styling items that let you alter the temperature.

  • You Should