Buy and Use Clip in Hair Extensions

The next big decision you are going to have to make is to find the length of hair that you want. Normally clip in’s will come in three lengths, sixteen inch will come on your bra line, twenty inch will sit just below your bra line and twenty four inch will sit on the pocket of your jeans. Remember the longer you choose, the heavier the clip ins will be, so take this into consideration when making your choice.

What type of hair is going to work best for what you want and need. Do you need Remy hair, which is hair which still has the cuticles in fact and all goes in the same direction, do you need natural human hair or is synthetic an alright option for what you need. If you intend only wearing the extensions now and again, then synthetic may be the solution for you, … Read the rest

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Types of Nail Designs

Unique nail symbolization

A unique nail symbolization configuration looks truly cool. We have to utilize a considerable measure of shades for a theoretical looking nails. Great examples of stencils are required for this outline.

Stimulating wave

An electrifying wave pattern can be made by means of airbrush and a good template of the form of the wave. Your nail will look different and others are sure to be awed as well.


Aquarium configuration is performed on fake nails. The picture is made by utilizing shade acrylics. The example is alternatively supplemented by spangles, glues, foil, dried blossoms. At that point acrylic covering is applied on the nail. This makes the impact of a curved glass. To the touch it is as smooth as a nail without any design. Furthermore, the picture is three-dimensional, and might be seen as though under aquarium glass.

3D nail

3D nail art configuration transformed … Read the rest

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Herbs and Skin

Herbs for the Skin

Herbal Facial Products such as watermelon purée is an excellent mask to make your facial skin cool. Try to apply it evenly, except the eye area, and rinse off with light warm water after 15 minutes. While doing it, cotton pads soaked in rose water (organic) can be placed over your closed eyes.

Similarly, Herbal Face Creams contain many ingredients to boost the skin’s natural resistance. These ingredients protect the skin from the sun. The herbal creams also act as antioxidants to fight free radical damages. These creams keep the skin cells healthy, and well nourished.

Develop Healthy Habits

Always keep your skin properly moisturized by using herbal face moisturizers. Moisturizers are enriched in nutritional elements which keep your skin smooth, soft, and hydrated. If your skin is very photosensitive, drinking plenty of water and avoiding very hot water showers will help to keep the skin … Read the rest

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French Manicure Kit


French Manicure is something which will never become out of the trend. There may be thousands of new techniques coming but this one will remain as the most preferable when you want a grooming for your nails. Though there are ample of examples of those which have been obsoleted due to the fresh invention but this technique will certainly act like the old wine which will be the apple of the eyes till the end.


Sophistication is one such thing which has made the French manicure special. While some of the techniques are supposed to be too funky, those look bit odd and cannot really be called sophisticated. On the other hand, a French manicure kit will give you such a look and feel that can add an extra point to your sophistication. While you have as gentle color on your nails with completely white tips on the … Read the rest

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Leftover Pumpkin

To offer the skin on your face an all-round treatment, this leftover pumpkin and apple spiced face mask is perfect. Not just offering vitamin A to help sunburnt and element-battered skin, there’s moisturizing and exfoliating properties brought into the mix. This helps to strip the skin from makeup and cosmetic residue and brings it back to a much more natural finish.

The natural fruit acids are what work their magic in your face mask – not too strong to damage the skin but just enough to slough off the old cells. When those are gotten rid of, the water-packed fruit helps to rejuvenate new cells into growing, giving you a much clearer complexion.

To make a pumpkin and apple spiced face mask simply blend the following ingredients until you have a smooth puree:

  • 1/4 cup cooked, pureed pumpkin
  • 1/2 green apple
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp’s milk
  • Pinch of cinnamon
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Acne and Makeup

The weapons in your toolbox should be a concealer, a foundation and a finishing powder. Do not make the error of thinking that discount products will do the same job as quality brand name products.

Choose makeup that does not contain oil because you do not want to add extra oil to your skin. Water-based products help ensure your acne will not be worsened by the makeup you use. Select products that are dermatologist tests or indicate the makeup is good for sensitive skin, another good sign that it will not worsen your acne.

Choose makeup products that match your personal skin tone very closely. And be sure to read the entire label. Some product labeling can be quite difficult to understand and oil can be hidden under other names.

It is a good idea to test any new makeup products before using a product to cover your face. This … Read the rest

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Pros of Having Long Hair

Face shape

Long hair has the ability to fit virtually any face shape and can easily cover flaws. It looks great with a heart-shaped face while useful for concealing the hard edges of a square or angular face to give a rounder appearance. Plus, it is useful for giving a leaner and longer look to the round race. A good haircut is also able to cover marks, or blemishes on the face if styled in the most favorable way.


It doesn’t need a daily wash and less likely to get very oily compared to short hair. Even though the natural oils are still noticed by those that leave their hair to grow, it is less noticeable over a period of time, which makes it possible to wash two or three times per week.


Leaving the hair to grow is great for the cold weather of winter because it … Read the rest

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Choosing False Eyelashes

Consider the shape of your eyes.

The long and thin false eyelashes which fan upwards are ideal for women with round eyes. The voluminous models should be avoided as they may make the eyes appear too big. If you have hooded eyes with a fold of skin covering the socket lines, you should consider models with medium to long length especially in the centre. This kind of style trends to open up the eyes and to make them appear bigger.

The almond shaped eyes are the most commonly found. If you have this eye shape, you are truly lucky since all types of false lashes will look fabulous on you. If you want to produce a more dramatic effect, you should consider models which are longer on the ends and especially on the outer end. Generally, it is a good idea for you to experiment.

The monolid eyes have no … Read the rest

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Face Serums

Face serums are highly concentrated formulations packed with nutrients, such as vitamins and botanical extracts, designed to deeply nourish, hydrate, repair and protect your skin. Most serums are either oil or water-based.

Not really. Face serums are different to normal face lotions and creams in that they contain smaller molecules. This allows them to penetrate the skin more quickly and more deeply than regular moisturisers, thereby making them more effective. In addition, the concentration of active ingredients in serums can be as high as 70%, compared with concentrations of around 5-10% in traditional moisturisers. So they can really pack a punch!

Because of their unique and concentrated formulas, and their ability to reach into the deeper dermal layers of your skin, serums can help with:

  • Superior hydration of the skin
  • A reduction in the visible signs of ageing, including fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
  • A reduction in skin pigmentation
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Cosmetic Brushes Should Have

Foundation brush

As the name suggests, it is used to apply the foundation. Some people use their hands to apply foundation, which is so wrong. Before applying foundation, you need to prepare your face, by cleaning it. After preparing your face, pour the right amount of foundation on the back of your hand. Use the foundation brush to pick the right amount of foundation, depending on your preferred coverage. Start applying the foundation from the center of the face. Using deep downward stroke will help avoid makeup lines. The tapered edges of the brush help to reach hidden areas such as corners of the nose.

Concealer brush

Not many of us were born with perfect skin. Concealer is used to hide those few blemishes. Most people simply use their finger to apply concealer on a spot. A small concealer brush does a better job. You just need to pick the … Read the rest

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