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Chic Makeup For Teens

  1. As a teenager you probably already have natural and extremely young looking beautiful skin. This gives you plenty of reason not to fret about whether you should wear heavy makeup as young skin calls for natural and light makeup. In fact, your make up should be subtle so much that your fellow teens don’t even realize you are wearing makeup at all. Make sure your makeup matches your skin tone as much as possible.
  2. The most essential makeup item for any teen would be a concealer. Surely the teenage years are taking a toll on you with acne, dark circles, pimple marks and much more. With a concealer you can cover up everything within a few minutes. Make sure the concealer is light enough to match the tone of your skin but dark enough to cover up.
  3. The next step is to dust on some face powder. Do not overdo! The best teen tip is to pat on the powder very sparingly so that it doesn’t seem as if you have caked on the powder. Foundation should come onto the face before the powder. Ideally the best choice of foundation would be one with an SPFT of at least 15 or higher. This will help your skin combat the sun’s rays too.
  4. You should start off your eye make up from the eyebrows. Using an old toothbrush, brush your eyebrows gently into place. Pluck any stray hairs that you may have. If there seem to be gaps here and there in your eyebrows, fill them with a soft eye pencil – usually this step is not very necessary for teens! Go with a thin line of eyeliner on the eye lid just above the eye lashes; blend after you have applied. You can apply a tad bit on the lower eye too but remember that overdoing this can make you look like a raccoon. Add on a few sweeps of black or brown mascara.
  5. A light blush can make a big difference to a cute teen face. Blend it well and sweep from the cheeks to your hairline to give your face a bit of a contour. Depending on the color tone of the skin, light or dark shades can be chosen.
  6. Lips are the last to be made up. Finish off your make up with a light, clear lip-gloss to keep your lips moist and shiny all through the day or night.

Mineral Makeup Tips for Every Skin Type

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, make sure your skin is adequately moisturized before applying loose minerals to prevent your makeup from becoming flaky. You may also benefit from exfoliating gently at night as well, to remove excess dead skin cells that accumulate with dry skin. Be sure to use skin products formulated for dry skin, too.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, applying a layer of mineral veil to your skin under your foundation will give you extra oil absorption and help to keep your face from looking shiny. Be sure you use a gentle cleanser that is not overly drying, which can actually cause your skin to become more oily as it works to combat dryness and irritation.

For the best coverage, choose the right concealer for your problem areas. Green concealers will neutralize red blemishes. Yellow concealers will neutralize purple or brown areas such as age spots or under eye circles. Be sure to only use pure mineral makeup that contains no fillers or irritating ingredients, to avoid skin reactions.

Dry, Flaky Appearance

Minerals can appear dry and flaky because of dry skin or excess oil. Dry skin can cause minerals to flake off with dead skin cells, creating a flaky appearance, while excess oil can cause minerals to cake on the skin, also creating a flaky appearance. Be sure to cleanse and hydrate your skin and allow your moisturizer to dry before applying mineral makeup. Applying too much mineral makeup in a single layer can also cause a flaky appearance. Be sure to build coverage with light layers, a little goes a long way!

Blush or Bronzer Looks Streaky

Streaks are caused by putting too much minerals on the brush. Because mineral makeup is highly pigmented, you only need a small amount, a little goes a long way! The minerals should only appear as a fine dust on your brush before you begin application.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Mineral makeup gives the best coverage of all cosmetics, and the amazing results are well worth the effort of learning how to properly apply loose minerals. Once you have practiced with a few applications, you will be able to apply loose minerals quickly and easily.

Using Makeup While Wearing Glasses

Like any other day, you will start with a concealer. If your glasses tend to bring out your eyes, you should try covering your dark circles as much as possible. Keep your glasses close to you and take a look at the improvements every few minutes. Don’t stop refining your look until you are perfectly happy with the result.

Most people don’t know that glasses will attract attention to the eyebrows. This means that you have to make them look perfect and the only way to do this is by adjusting the shape and trimming them if needed. You shouldn’t exaggerate when it comes to eyebrows in general; as long as they have a clear shape and you can’t notice any imperfections, you should be ok.

A pale color is recommended for the waterline. This will make your eyes stand out and they will look great especially if you use an eye shadow of a darker color. You don’t have to go to the end of the color spectrum, just make sure that the eye shadow is not as bright as the color of your waterline. No matter what you choose, you should focus on the lower lash line.

A problem with wearing glasses and makeup at the same time is that mascara will often smear the lenses, especially if you have long eyelashes. The only method of avoiding this is by curling your lashes a little more than usual and trying to use less mascara on the upper lashes. You can, however, focus on the lower lashes without having to worry about your glasses.

The most important part of the process is double checking the results before you go out. Put on your glasses and take a look at the result from different angles and with different lighting. If everything seems ok, you have managed to combine the necessity of using glasses with makeup.

Optimal Foundation Makeup

The art of makeup has grown to be so superior up till now that you are can find an exact foundation that may take care of your exclusive skin needs, making it harmless. The way your skin appears at the time of applying foundation is absolutely special from when you do not use it.

You will get it with different levels of treatment from a natural gentle coverage to a thick foundation for severe blemishes and marks. To opt on which foundation will best fit your skin type is a subtle job for women. Prior to discussing various brands and what objective they serve, it is imperative to note that if your foundation does not match your skin type, it may give contradictory results than what you want from it.

Foundations produced for hypersensitive or acne skin kinds include salicylic acids, which facilitate keeping the pores unaffected from clogging. The most important thing is to stay away from those products that are oily. They are ideal to keep escaping from forming whilst at the same time give a cover up against bad spots.

An oil-less application may trigger an additional gain to those who own slippery skin types irrespective of the level of coverage you use. Nevertheless, it is important to use a pressed translucent powder after the use of liquid foundation. Dehydrated skins need to evade powders at all cost, as they dry out the skin all the more. The finest solution for dehydrated skin is to make the use of oil-based moisturizer, if you want a thin coverage. Never use lusterless finishes if you have dry skin type, because they would turn the skin completely non-alive skin.

When you merge the thoughts of foundation and grown-up skin types, no one can but picture putty-like makeup. Majority of mature ladies make the mistake of thinking that they need the maximum level of coverage. But unluckily, they are wrong. To cover up age marks, blackheads, strain marks and lines etc, demanding heavy makeup would bring reverse outcomes. Instead, it will place added aging signs on your skin. In order for your skin to appear more glowing and younger, you will have to opt for a tinted moisturizer. If that alternative does not cover the imperfections you want to cover up, utilize a thin type of coverage.

Makeup For the Fall and Winter Season

Instead of keeping up with the soft, sporty, sun-kissed look of the summer, one makeup tip is to begin using more bold colors in your makeup regime to take you into the fall season, said Barbara Harrington, a Hockessin resident and distributor for SeneGence International®.

Bold lip and eye colors are perfect for fall seasonal events and holiday parties. And vibrant make-up will offset the darker, heavier clothing often found in your fall/winter wardrobe. So, be fearless with color, but be careful not to go overboard” cautions Harrington as her next makeup tip.

“A bold eye or a bold lip is the perfect accessory for the fall,” said Harrington. “Pick a feature to define: bright, bold colors like berry tones, plums and reds are perfect for lips and deep shades such as indigo, onyx and charcoal will make the eyes really stand out are some other makeup tips to consider for transition into our next season.”

“This is the time of year where you can try new things while defining your best features. Be creative and have fun with color,” said Harrington. “With bright, bold colors, you can make a statement.”

Berry-toned colors usually work for all skin tones, but if you are not sure which colors will look best on you and if you don’t usually wear makeup.

“Accentuate one feature: Pick either your eyes or lips. If you heavily define both features, it will look overwhelming and unnatural” states Harrington.

Christmas Party Make Up Ideas

Achieving the perfect look for your festive get together needn’t be difficult or costly so go on, treat yourself!

We’ll begin with a beauty winner this season in the form of a color galore palette, opening the doors to metallic shades! That’s right, gold, copper, bronze, silver and chrome from your eye shadow to your lips and even your nail polish, your look just wouldn’t be complete without a bit of shimmer and shine.

TOP TIP: When applying these shiny textures, remember your base coat. Wearing metallic make up requires a clean foundation to work from, matching your original tone (even on nails).

Try the OG New Sparkle Palette by The Organic Pharmacy

Powerful nudes with enough pigment in one coat, perfect for eyes, lips and cheek highlighting. Includes: Pink Flush Blusher, Bronze in Deep Golden Bronze, Lip Gloss in Candy Pink and Highlighter in Silver Pearl PLUS 4 shades of eye shadows in Star Dust, Nude Pink Silver Dust, Espresso Gold and Nude Gold Dust. It’s everything you need in one sleek compact case with a handy mirror for touch ups on the go!

Next on the list is a popping lip color in classic red or mahogany brown. These colors are on trend and the perfect base for a gold tint to give your face that festive edge. Don’t be afraid to play with your lip color, contouring the center with a gold shimmer will be enough to bring out your Christmas glamour.

Try Lipstick Queen’s ‘Endless Summer

A gorgeous moisture rich and sun protecting layer (perfect for Middle Eastern Christmas brunches). The super nourishing burst of color gives a sheer finish lasting all day and the ultra-gloss tint will blend perfectly with a shimmer gloss. The texture is non-sticky and glides with strong pigment so don’t worry about adding other tones on top for your contour.

Don’t forget about the cheeks! Your complexion is everything and a dewy glow is just what this occasion calls for in a dab of liquid highlighter (using your fingertips or a damp blending sponge) adding a little extra to your winter smile.

Our favorite is the Organic Glam Liquid Shimmer Highlighter by The Organic Pharmacy. This is a top pick for us and a secret weapon to illuminating while adding subtle definition to your face. Usable on eye lids and the bridge of the nose for a fresh finish.

Create That Nude Look

Foundation is optional. Though it is beneficial for dry skin, delicate or mature skin as it gives you another layer of protection from the elements.

Mascara is optional if your lashes are dark.

What you do need is :

  • Eyeliner that matches your lash color or your mascara if you are using mascara
  • A concealer that matches your skin color, or the color of your foundation if you do use one
  • A rosy lipstick
  • A rosy blush

After cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face, scrutinize your face in the mirror.

Using a concealer brush, dab on the concealer over each blemish and blend it in with your fingers.

Take a lip brush. Dip it into the lipstick. Then paint your lips. Line the lips first then color them in.

Is your face pale?
Take a blusher brush and dip it into the blusher powder. Dust off the excess onto the back of your hand.
Brush, in circular motions from below the cheekbones under the center of each eye, outwards. Lightly. You don’t want to look like a clown.
For all over radiance, dust the blusher lightly onto your forehead, tip of the nose and chin.
If pink looks awful on you, then try a peach blush instead.

Lightly go over your eyelids with the blusher. Or it you have an eyeshadow a shade or two darker than the blusher, use that on your eyelids instead.

Next, draw a line as close to your upper eyelash as possible, from inner corner to outer corner of he eye, thickening the line once you reach the middle of the eye.

If your lashes are light, brush on 1 coat of mascara from the base to the tips of the upper eyelashes. Then hold the wand vertically and paint mascara lightly on the lower lashes.

That’s it for the day.

For the night, get a shimmery eyeshadow and use that for the center of each eyelid. Dab a smidgen of that shimmery powder on the center of your lower lip for a fuller pout. Or choose a red lipstick for glamour.

Sexy Shimmer

This season’s metallic makeup is for both day and night. The effect of today’s makeup is no longer like the cheap glitter you might use for art and craft. Today’s metallic makeup is subtle, albeit glamorous. It stays on longer then the powdery fairy dust of the past.

What really caught my attention this year was that ethereal look many models wore in the Fall 2007 to Winter 2008 fashion show. They looked like extras from some sci-fi movie, what with the silver sheen on their faces that made look out of this world. That look is perfect for parties.

Looking at the photos of the models for Chanel, and for a number of other haute couture shows, I wondered how they achieved that effect. The models seemed to be lit with some silvery light. As if fairy dust had been dusted on their faces. It looked wonderful with the black on black outfits paraded on the runway.

In a sense, fairy dust was applied on the models in the form of shimmer powder. In short, that ethereal look is achieved with the addition of shimmer powder dusted lightly over the entire face. You can get a softer, radiant effect by dusting shimmer powder where light hits your face. The tops of the cheeks, forehead, tip of the chin and tip of the nose, places where sunlight normally hits, could use a touch of shimmer powder for that ethereal radiance.

For the eyes try a gentle shimmer for day. Metallic eye shadows in lighter shades work well if worn with a light hand. Slick on some mascara and your eyes are done.

For night, slick on a shimmery eye liner in a deep or bright color. Use a strong eyeliner and line the upper lash line, thickening the line and winging out at the outer edge of each eye for a dramatic finish. The Egyptian eye is in, so use a thick line over upper lashline of the outer half of each eye for that cat eye effect.

Alternatively, you could go for a smoky eye look with vibrant eye shadow with a metallic finish. Pick a metallic eye shadow in a rich green, or a vibrant color. Line your eyes with a matching shimmer pencil and smudge the line. Then go over the line with your metallic eyeshadow.

For lips, try a shimmery lip gloss over your regular lipstick. If you focus on your eyes, with a deeper or stronger shadow, go for medium or pale shades for your lips. If you want to focus on a brilliant pout, them go easy on the eyes.

Can everyone wear shimmer?

Younger women in their twenties and early thirties will look amazing in shimmer makeup. If you are young, you can go all out with your makeup colors. Use the most vibrant metallics you can find as you can get away with them. In fact, you would probably look amazing.

Older women have to be careful. Shimmer highlights your features… and wrinkles. So if you have crows feet, avoid metallic eye makeup. If you have lines on your face, avoid shimmer powder where the lines are.

A softer version, in peachy colors would make most women look radiant and is absolutely wearable. Just make sure the shadow doesn’t gather in your skin’s creases.

Techniques For Covering Skin Imperfections

The first thing that you need to do is to invest in a great makeup primer. Primer is essential for creating a smooth, even skin tone. This type of product can be very affordable, depending on the brand name. You also need to purchase a concealer that is two shades lighter than your foundation shade.

Your foundation should match your skin tone as closely as possible. You can determine if a foundation is the right color for you by simply placing a dab of foundation onto the back of your hand. If the foundation blends in perfectly, it is the right color for you, and you can proceed in masking your skin imperfections.

After you have your arsenal of covering products ready, you will be able to tackle your skin flaws head on. First, apply the primer onto all of your face. Make sure that the primer is rubbed in thoroughly, and that it is applied all the way down your chin and onto your neck. Many people make the mistake of only applying makeup to the face and stopping at the chin line, which leads to a mask-like appearance because the primer is not blended properly. Next, dab the concealer onto all of the skin imperfections. The concealer should not be blended into the skin. After the concealer is applied, you need to apply the foundation onto your face and neck, taking care to blend it in thoroughly.

After you have finished applying all of the liquid makeup to your face, you should be able to notice a significant difference in the way that your skin looks. If you notice that some areas on your face are a bit shiny, then you can use some pressed powder to help control some of the shine. The powder should be the same color as your foundation so that it will not be noticeable. Pressed powder will more than likely need to be applied a few times throughout the day in order to keep any shine from becoming noticeable. Follow these simple steps, and your skin will look as smooth and flawless as it possibly can.